News | September 8, 2013

Michael Russell — Looking Forward


That phrase “looking forward” will be missed as we will be saying good bye to a Canyon

1600 Meter Record Holder: Sophomore Mike Russell after his surprising run at the Canyon Lake Track Meet

1600 Meter Record Holder: Sophomore Mike Russell after his surprising run at the Canyon Lake Track Meet

Lake Student this Tuesday.

Michael Russell was taken from us last Thursday and Canyon Lake lost a student that I enjoyed covering in his first two years of high school in basketball and track for The ReSporter.

Russell was on the JV basketball team last year and was looking forward to a chance of playing varsity this season.

He was a long range sharp shooter and had a certain tenacity when on the hardwood.

I remember covering a tournament in Wimberley last season when he literally jumped up on a player on a drive and eventually fell down and was hurt on that play.

Climbing players or mountains did not matter, Michael had a resolve that he could get it done.

Parent’s have a way of voicing the ‘I’m looking forward to a time when… (fill in the blank).

I have two daughters and I’m looking forward to a time when they will be walking down the aisle for marriage… I’m looking forward to a time when they graduate from college… I’m looking forward to seeing what type of job and future they might be embarking on as life starts to unveil before their eyes, as well as, the eyes of us (their parents).

Looking forward to embracing life and seeing how you will contribute to that endeavor will now be something Michael will have an opportunity of accomplishing in a different realm.

You see, what has happened now is that the, “I’m looking forward to” has changed for his parents and brother and sisters.

They now can say with resolve that they are looking forward to the day when they will meet again in heaven and enjoy life without all these heartaches that are experienced here on earth.

Being a Christian gives you an opportunity to have life more abundantly here during this life, but even more so when we take our last breath, we have that opportunity to have life abundantly in living forever with our Lord and Savior.

Many times when bad things happen to us during our life, we have a way of blaming our Lord for those mishaps.

Questions like, “Why did the Lord take Michael so soon?” and a ‘blaming’ of the Lord, many times comes to our minds in making sense of these senseless events.

The Truth is that our Lord’s will for our life was for us to live forever, because when we were created there was no sin and therefore no death.

Jesus Christ came to us miraculously and His death on the cross paid for all of those sins we find ourselves so easily falling prey to.

Now, as Christians, we can have hope that we will see Michael again in a whole different realm that will be Heaven and where there is no sin and no death, in other words perfect.

Our Lord’s Will would be for all Christians to live forever, but our sin has caused bad things to happen and God getting the blame for those mishaps.

I had an opportunity on several occasions of talking to Michael and remember that he was the first Track Athlete to break the 5- minute barrier last season as he came out of nowhere to improve his times over a course of three-week time period of running a 5:19 mile to having a fourth place finish, 4:55.73 time that was run during District 27-3A Track Meet.

That feat had Michael coming in fourth place and I was looking forward to seeing him run for the next two years and watch an athlete climb to heights never seen on the Hawk’s Cinders.

Mike had a kick that would have made a bronco proud for his finish on the mile run. That kick caused his time to improve over 24 seconds that season. That was very impressive.

I was looking forward to seeing Michael play basketball the next two years and seeing how many points he could average or how well he might be able to play defense against an opponent’s best player.

I saw Michael this past Thursday night during the JV and freshman football games and asked him how he was feeling about the upcoming cross country meet on Saturday.

‘Looking Forward’ has many avenues for all of us in life and now I’m looking forward to seeing what type of house my Lord is preparing for me when my body calls it quits. (John 14:2)

I’m looking forward to a time I can be united with my Dad and inspirational people I have had in my life.

I’m looking forward to when I can ask my Lord all those questions that go through our heads when we wonder or are in awe of seeing his creation.

Ronny and Tina Russell, we are heartbroken that this has happened and I can’t imagine how you are holding up, but I do know that it can only be through our Lord that you can persevere and that is my prayer for you.

Sarah my prayers are also for you as you deal with the loss of a brother and I will also ask in my prayers that you will be comforted during these very trying times.

But do know you can look forward to a time when you will see Michael again and that will be a glorious day.

May God Richly Bless You during this time.

And do know that you can ask me or I’m sure anyone in this community of anything needed and we will do our best to make it happen for you.

Don Holmes
The ReSporter

Public viewing will be on Monday from 5-7:00pm at Community Bible Church (CBC) in Spring Branch.

Services will be held Tuesday at 10:00 am at Community Bible Church, followed by graveside service at Hill Country Memorial Garden located on State Highway 46.