Football, Pre/Game | September 18, 2013

Pre/Game: Burnet @ Canyon Lake this Friday 7:30pm

              Burnet           @      Canyon Lake
              Bulldogs (2-1)          Hawks (0-3)
History: Burnet leads the series 3-1.
 2008 Hawks 06 Burnet 49
 2009 Hawks 07 Burnet 40
 2010 Hawks 27 Burnet 20   Playoff
 2012 Hawks 31 Burnet 37
This Season Games:
 CL Hawks  06   Blanco     13        Burnet  40   Billies       27
 CL Hawks  35   Somerset   47        Burnet  20   Rockdale      09
 CL Hawks  14   La Vernia  34        Burnet  51   Marble Falls  56

Canyon Lake will be trying to get all three parts of their game going in this week’s game with Burnet.

Each game this season has had a break down of sorts.

Offense in the first game with Blanco which was predictable based on that being the first game with a new offense.

In that second game with Somerset, the Hawks had a chance of winning but the defense could not make a stop to end the game and give the offense a chance to get back into the game.

Last week was a tough game to watch when CL started the game slow and with a heavy dose of special teams not being up to par, the result was a 20 point loss which was how many points the Bears scored with their special teams.

Now the Hawks will be facing a very good passing team in Burnet.

QB Derek Kiser has averaged 330 yards per game passing which will test Canyon Lake for the second time this season.

In their first game against a passing team, Somerset, Canyon Lake held their own in that contest and will need another game like that to help control this Bulldog team.

Trenton Hafley has also given the Burnet team a good one-two punch as this running back has averaged a very healthy 116 per game with over a six yards per carry tag.

Kiser also has rushed for 122 yards and that will tell you this quarterback can get out of trouble if the receivers are covered to avoid a sack.

Receivers that will see a lot of action will be a pack of dogs that will get a chance to do damage.

Receiver            Rec    Yds     Ave   TD
Blayne Parisher     15     279     19    4
Cody Jones          18     227     13    1
Brock Foster         7     134     19    3
Darius Johnson      14     126      9    1
Trenton Hafley      12     109      9    1

That is an impressive group of players and your Hawks will have their hands full. Just make sure those hands are not causing any interference while they are full.

Penalties are another glaring weakness so far this season as those flags coming out of officials pockets have stopped momentum on countless drives.

Last week, Canyon Lake had three drives in the second half with one drive going for what has to be a record, 25 plays and 83 yards. That drive also took the equivalent of over one quarter off the clock.

On that second drive your Hawks had another impressive drive that started on the 46 yard line but after converting a fourth down needing 19 yards.

The well finally ran dry as the offense continued to have penalties putting them with another fourth down needing 27 yards.

The Hawks were 6 out of 8 conversions on fourth down tries which was also helpful but those special team breakdowns proved to be too much to overcome.

Canyon Lake will need to have all three parts of their game (offense/defense/special teams) on for this contest and unless there is another part of this game that is not know about, then hopefully the Hawks have addressed all the facets of this game to have a chance to be on their game.

Hawks Tidbits:
  6 Games lost in a row the most passing 5 game streak in 2008 season.
 18 Points needed to pass 2008 season total of 72.
 46 Games since Canyon Lake has been shut-out.
 76 All-time passing touchdowns
 92 All-time rushing touchdowns
155 Yardage given up on Special Teams in La Vernia game.
215 Yardage gained in Blanco game. Ranks 38th in Hawks history.
446 Yardage gained in Somerset Game. Ranks 8th in Hawks history.