Football, Pre/Game | September 19, 2013

Pre/Game: Houston Emery-Weiner @ Bracken Christian

 Pre/Game       Emery-Weiner      @      Bracken Christian Saturday 7:30pm
                Jaguars (2-1)            Warriors (2-1)
History: Bracken leads this series 2-0.
 2011 BCS 58 Emery-Weiner 08
 2012 BCS 51 Emery-Weiner 19
This Years Scores:
 BCS  38  AHC           61     HEW  28  Katy Faith West    52
 BCS  34  Logos Prep    30     HEW  83  Orange Christian   42
 BCS  50  Prairie Lea   00     HEW  55  Hou. Mount Carmel  13

This is a fun time for The ReSporter. In 6-man Football you do not find many times when you can find information about your opponent and this is one school that does a great job of giving those entities and this gives The ReSporter a chance to do a more complete report.

Both schools started this year with a loss and are currently working on a two game winning streak.

A lot has changed from this game that was played in 2011 when both schools were working on 15 or more game winning streaks when they met.

Emery-Weiner has one constant that many other 6-man schools cannot possess. They have don’t have to worry about losing a player and possibly canceling a game.

The Bracken Christian parking lot will have a much larger bus occupying a space to bring this group of players.

One of those players that will come off the bus with his lunch pale is Senior Alex Niefield.

Niefield will be their quarterback, running back, and will even kick their extra points.

One item a team with many players affords is not having to play athletes on defense and offense. That will allow a school of this size an advantage of wearing down a team.

Niefield averages 133 yards passing and 129 yards rushing which tells Bracken that he can burn you two ways which is the ultimate spread back weapon.

Another Senior, Kantor has also amassed 232 yards rushing this year for a healthy 18 yards per carry. Every time this young man touches the ball could result in a first down.

Rubenstein will be Niefield’s favorite receiver as he has hauled in 10 passes or right at three per game. Rubenstein also has an healthy average of 18 yards per reception and three touchdowns.

The next receiver in line is Shirley with seven catches this season and 88 yards.

On the defensive side of the ball, the Jaguars has Sheena averaging 9 tackles and Graubart with 8 tackles per game. Graubart is a Freshman which will let you know he is a player.

Kantor is one of those players that will play both offense and defense as he is averages 7 tackle per contest.

Emery-Weiner does have 4 interceptions from their secondary, but knowing how much Bracken passes the ball, will tell you that is not going to be a major worry.

There might be a lot of defensive players playing up to stop the Warriors running game.

Bracken will certainly go to their strength and run the ball at the Jaguars and see which team can win that battle at the line.

With Davis Scott intrenched at center on offense, Coach Lloyd Fields has a veteran Senior that can be counted on for stabilizing that area.

Scott has played almost every position since he started at Bracken and that knowledge helps when players are injured and replacements need to be found.

Noah Boriack seems to be getting more in tune with this offense as each game there seems to be a better idea of what he wants to accomplish for the team.

The other newcomer, Jeff Camp, has also been a smooth plug in for receiving and running for Bracken.

Add John Colby in that mix and you have a team that will be able to use this game as a gauge to what this season might have in store.

Preston Koch continues to improve as a point after kicker as well as doing some spot duty on the defensive side of the ball if the game dictates needing this large man to take up space.

Sam Hilgendorf had his first touchdown pass last game and add to that his blocking skills coming out of the closet in last week’s game made this young man go up several rungs on that ladder.

Another ‘new’ player that is showing some spark is Daniel Forgione who showed some spark at x-backer as well as a running back.

Coy Zunker and the rest of this squad will have their work cut out for them this Saturday and The ReSporter feels this will be another game going into the fourth quarter as the Jaguars can score some points and the game will hinge on how well Bracken’s defense can rise to the challenge.

Don’t forget, this game will be Saturday night and it looks like most of the rain for this week will be gone when those players break through and take the field.