Game Article, Volleyball | September 10, 2013

Volleyball: Hawks Sweep Llano

Canyon Lake beats the Orange Yellow Jackets.

Freshman Setter Mia Riali

Freshman Setter Mia Riali

Canyon Lake did not lose a game all night….let that sink in.

The Freshman team won 2-0, the JV team won 2-0, and the Varsity won 3-0.

Canyon Lake Freshman girls started with a tough first game but finished with a more consistent second game and ran away with that second game and the match, 25-23, 25-12.

Llano just had too many unforced errors in that second game and Canyon Lake made sure that the Orange-Yellow Jackets would not get back in the game.

Several girls had an impressive evening, but Mia Riali helped seal the deal with crisp passing as the setter to help your Hawks get that win.

The Varsity has a Freshman setter (Mickey Ragan) and that makes Riali’s game even more important as she has to bond and mesh this team as she fulfills a role that was not her’s last year.

“This year we are improving more and working harder as a team,” Riali said. “High School has harder competition.”

“This is a big responsibility I had to take on,” Riali continued. “There is more pressure and I’m trying to handle as well as I can.”

The ReSporter asked Riali is she was having fun, “Oh yeah, a lot of fun, because we are spending a lot of time with each other as a team and bonding as a team and we get to watch each other grow as a family.”

The Freshman Hawk team certainly took care of their game in this contest and look forward to many more nights as a family having fun with wins.

Freshman Team Roster:
Abby Freund
Kaitlyn White
Amber Krause
Dana Buhr
Zoe Edwards
Mia Riali
Katherine Weber
Jayde Crawford
Landry Hollums
Daniella Bustamante
Anjalena Castillo
Felicity Niestemski


Hawk’s Junior Varsity was successful in their quest of finding the win column on this Tuesday night as they also swept the Orange-Yellow Jackets,

Junior Varsity Player Addison Farley

Junior Varsity Player Addison Farley

25-16, 27-25.

The JV squad is not at full strength as they have nine players that they can use, which can make practicing a much harder chore as they can’t practice against each other since they are short on players.

“With a nine man team it is difficult in practice,” Head Coach Leigh Ann Weaver surmised. “We usually have to combine with the Varsity, but their is definitely have work that needs to be done.”

This JV team seemed to have some budding stars as there was several players that rose to the occasion at the net with several kills against Llano’s JV team.

One of those players that did not give Llano’s Orange-Yellowjackets a chance with several kills was Addison Farley.

“Our passing could of been better,” Farley said nearly. “Our first game was much better, but this has been a rough week.”

Farley was speaking of the Funeral for Michael Russell that was held today.

“Our passes will get better,” Farley closed.

The Orange-Yellowjackets did close the gap in that second contest and had a chance to send this match to a deciding third game.

The Hawks however had other ideas and staved off Llano and finished with the sweep.

JV Roster:
Sam York
Jessica Moore
Tiare Kacir
Kirsten Jones
Sydney Riebschlaeger
Addison Farley
Kalli Cardenas
Cameron Berger
Kadye Ploch


The Hawk Varsity improved their record to 13-10 with their win over Llano

Junior Lillie Sander thinking about throwing a Block Party

Junior Lillie Sander thinking about throwing a Block Party

as they clamped down on the Orange-Yellowjackets not allowing them to reach the 20 plateau.

The ReSporter unofficial stats had Canyon Lake with 10 service errors, which made Head Coach Kim Paisley grimmace as she was told of that stat.

“Not real happy with that number, but we are running a faster offense and it was good to have a game that we could work on our quicker offense,” Coach Paisley said quickly. “We are getting more comfortable and we are being more aggressive.”

There were several Hawks that seem to be reaching that comfort zone as Canyon Lake had a lineup in their second game that possessed three Juniors, two Sophomores, and one Freshman.

Has The ReSporter mentioned how young this team can be? “That makes us look good for next year,” Paisley said when hearing that question.

Paisley continued in her assessment of some of those young whipper/snappers.

Hannah (Wunderlich) has played outside before and she is comfortable with that position. By having her play there gives us many more options and we don’t have to rely on Bailey (Drum) in every game.”

“Mariah (Ellis) is our utility player and plays very consistent,” Paisley said as she used her most common word that identifies her coaching style, which is being consistent. “By having Mariah playing several spots it allows me to play with different lineups, which how we started that second game. I changed our lineup in that second game.”

Canyon Lake has certainly looked better as this season has continued and you could tell how the passing and setting seems to be jelling.

One player that has certainly come out of her shell has been middle blocker, Lillie Sander.

“I’m feeling more confident at the net,” Junior Sander started. “All the work in practice has improved my skills and confidence.”

When asked how she feels as this season starts to gear for District 27-3A play, Sander said, “We have grown as a team and have become closer and we are starting to trust each other more.”

Canyon Lake’s trust was certainly on display on this night as Llano could only stay with these Hawks at the midpoint of the game and in each contest CL turned on the pressure to finish strong in each game.

Hawk's Stats
Canyon Lake 3-0 over Llano: 25-17, 25-18, 25-16
Kills:   Amber Ramsey    12
Assists: Regan Mickey    27
Blocks:  Amber Ramsey     2
Digs:    Hayley Melone    9
Aces:    Bailey Drum      3