Football, Sport News | October 6, 2013

Bracken Christian Getting Ready for Second Half


Bracken Christian will be embarking on their second half of the season this coming Saturday and The ReSporter would like to delve into seeing just where this team is in retrospect to previous Warrior teams.

The loss to Austin Hill Country to start this season might have been a blessing in disguise for BCS this season.

The Warriors have responded with a four game winning streak and that loss helped this team to know that they had in no way would win a game just by putting on their uniform.

Austin Hill Country scored 8 points in the first quarter and that has been the last team to put points on the board this season on Bracken’s defense in that quarter.

Boerne Geneva once again will start Bracken’s district schedule and as it was last year, a solid game to see where this team might end up this season.

This game will in all intense and purposes crown the district champion as the other opponents have shown more weakness than strengths this year.

BCS will have one more non-district game with San Marcos Home School, but it should be a win.

That would end this campaign having a 9-1 or 8-2 record and either way a spot in the playoffs again this year.

When comparing the past two years you might find several stats being similar.

Preston Koch had rushed for 321 yards last season and Koch has 332 real estate this year.

Eli Achillies had garnered 863 yards last season and Noah Boriack has a respectable 647 yards this year.

Defensively, Bracken will have to keep wrenching up their game as they have given up 180 more yards than last year’s team.

Last year BCS had a +6 turnover margin and during this 2013 season Bracken is a +3 and that is an part of this game this Warrior team can certainly improve upon.

There has been 14 fumbles by Bracken’s opponents but for whatever reason the Warriors have only pounced on 1/3 of those miscues.

Also, Bracken had and lost only one fumble last year while this season’s team has had seven fumbles and lost four for a big difference when comparing the two years.

A huge positive has been the difference in the number of penalties Bracken has reduced this past two campaigns. Last year BCS had 14 flags for 135 yards lost whereas this year your Warriors have had only 6 infractions for a paltry 75 yards.

So a recap gives you an idea of how each game played this year you have seen a team improving and that will be a huge measuring stick as this BCS team goes into another pivotable game with Boerne Geneva this coming Friday.

The passing game keeps improving with each passing contest (pardon the pun) and that helps give an opponent more to prepare for.

There are players that will need to step up their game and Bracken also has some players that will need to raise there exploits to that next level as this second half of the year gets going in earnest.

A defense getting better with each game of experience will also be a bullet point on how this season might be ending this season with more games than last year’s team did.

Which is what this year’s team will need to set their goals for a successful season.

It doesn’t hurt that there is just one game being played away from Bracken’s home turf and having that consistency will give this Bracken team an edge.

                   Opponent              Warriors
                 2012     2013       2012       2013
 Total Yards     858      1067       1780       1323
 First Downs     29       37         57         42
 Rushes/Yards    59/244   97/395     109/1430   132/1100
 Comp/Att/Int    45/91/5  39/71/3    24/37/2    13/25/1
 Passing Yards   624      672        350        227
 Fumbles/Lost    5/4      14/5       1/1        7/4
 Punts/Average   5/156    2/78       2/56       0/0
 Penalties-Yards 9/66     14-91      14/135     6/75