Football, Game Article | October 31, 2013

CL Hawk Freshman Lose 4 Second Game, 8-0 to Boerne

You want to talk about a team that has the most improvement this season? The Hawk

Scary Offensive Lineman,  #71 Allen Vavrecka and #77 Alaijah Canales

Scary Offensive Lineman, #71 Allen Vavrecka and #77 Alaijah Canales

Freshman have The ReSporters vote, as this team is out manned each week yet they have come together to give opponents a run for their hard fought win.

“Those two turnovers deep on their side of the field hurt us,” Head Freshman Coach John Barthels said. “We moved the ball all night.”

This game actually had an extra 0:04 seconds added to the game clock after the buzzard sounded ending the first half, an erroneous call on a play allowed Boerne an extra play that was scored with no time left on the clock.

The play in question was a mistake by the head ref in running the clock and then giving the Greyhounds a phantom 4 more seconds. Then that extra play had Boerne having their snap before the play had been blown back into action.

In games played earlier, that same ref had called a delay of game penalty which should of been called on the extra play and no touchdown for the visitors.

Halloween is all about trick or treat and this was a ‘trick’ which eventually made a one possession game into a two possession affair and taking the air out of the ball on this night.

Regardless of a ref error, Canyon Lake outplayed this team with a swagger and if not for a couple of fumbles a different result could of easily been seen on the scoreboard as fans are preparing to leave.

Boerne was certainly a good passing team as the first two quarters had a Greyhound passing attack that was lethal.

The Hawks countered with long drives and a steady dose of running plays.

To start the second half CL used a 14 play drive covering 37 yards and milking the clock all but 0:44 seconds of the quarter. Boerne finally held and had the ball for three plays total.

Canyon Lake would inflict further wounds with lost fumbles twice deep in Boerne’s territory. One fumble had a Hawk first down at Boerne’s 11 yard line and the second was on Boerne’s 37 yard line.

The Hawks did continue their push with a 50 yard scoring drive when Austin Brennan ran for 30 yards to get the game back to within eight points (if the previous talked about snafu’s had not happened).

“I would not of had the yardage if they (lineman and Reed and McIntosh) didn’t block for me,” Brennan said smartly. “We just picked up our intensity and we started to get excited and started having fun with the game.”

Impressive game for a team that had half the players and many of those students playing both ways.

The Offensive Line continued to open holes for three running backs that each had good games.

Two runners broke the century mark with 107 and 106 yards, Austin Brennan and Hayden Reed.

Reed also scored three times and many of his runs were trap plays right up the gut of the Greyhounds.

On why that trap play was working tonight, Running Back Lee responded, “They (defensive line) was more afraid of (Allen) Vavrecka…he is a monster. (which was an apropos statement with this being Halloween night)

The Monster (Vavrecka) responded, “It was the other lineman that got after their defense, by the time i got to my assignment that player was easy to block. He did not want to get back out there.”

“We have been getting better keeping up with our blocks and our stamina is better which helps in keeping us motivated for every play and at a high level.”

This Freshman team started this season having a hard time scoring. The ReSporter had an interview with Tyler McCleary simply based on scoring two points after intercepting a two point conversion by the opposition.

Now, two months later, this Freshman team is making great strides against teams that outman them 2 to 1 in many cases.

“The first of the year we were changing players a lot and then we started working a lot harder and it started showing in practice,” Lee said with resolve.

“They are just showing up more focused,” Coach Barthels said. “They are now at a point where we are making calls to get extra blocking and that was not happening earlier this year.”

“We played with intensity and got our blocks in and just had fun,” Defensive Tackle Alaijah Canales said. “We come to practice more excited to see what we did right and what we need to improve on. This year we started slow, but next year we will be better prepared.”

Good group of players as they continue to show improvement and a joy to see how this team will respond next year, but before we go into that next year, a date with Navarro still needs to be played…Good Luck.

                          1   2   3   4   Final
 Boerne Freshman         17  15   0   6   38
 Canyon Lake Freshman     6  16   0   6   28
 Scoring Summary:
 BFr-Boerne 33 yard pass (pat good), 7:50, 1st
 CLF-Hayden Reed 2 yard run (run failed), 3:59, 1st
 BFr-Safety with tackle after running play, 1:33, 1st
 BFr-Boerne 39 yard pass (pass good), 0:56, 1st
 CLF-Hayden Reed 23 yard run (Reed run), 6:16, 2nd
 BFr-Boerne 26 yard pass (pat good), 4:51, 2nd
 CLF-Hayden Reed 5 yard run (Reed run), 0:34, 2nd
 BFr-Boerne 29 yard pass (run good), 0:00, 2nd
 BFr-Boerne 24 yard pass (pass failed), 8:34, 4th
 CLF-Austin Brennan 30 yard run (run failed), 0:46, 4th
 Team Stats           Boerne       Hawks
 Total Yards          292          354
 First Downs          14           19
 Rushes/Yards         16/22        46/298
 Comp/Att/Inc         15/20/0      4/6/0
 Passing Yards        270          56
 Punts/Average        2/23.0       0/0
 Fumbles/Lost         0/0          2/2
 Penalty-Yards        4-45         5-40
 TOP                  11:57        24:03
Passing               Comp  Att   Pct   Yards  TD   Int
 Brandon Courtney     4     6    .667   56     0    0
Rushing               Att   Yards   Ave   Lg   TD
 Hayden Lee           19    107     5.6   23   3
 Austin Brennan        9    106    11.8   30   1
 Charlie McIntosh     14     73     5.2   18   0
 Fernando Velez        1     11    11.0   11   0
 Brandon Courtney      2      6     3.0    7   0
 Heath McDonough       1     -5    ---    --   0
Receiving             No    Yards   Ave   Lg   TD
 Heath McDonough      4     56     14.0   24   0