Coaches Corner, Football | October 23, 2013

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

Coaches Corner with Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter: So, how has your week of practices been going?

Coach Fields: “We have had a good week of practices. This cooler weather has perked our players up.

This has been our concentrated best practices all year.”

The ReSporter: What is the status on your players? Coy Zunker and Gunnar Stolhandske in particular…

Coach Fields: “Well we have good news and bad news for Coy, he will have to have surgery, but it can wait until after the season…so he will be ready to go this week.

Gunnar is back and is playing some of his best football this season and he will be lining up as our guard this week.”

The ReSporter: Tell us what you know about Kerrville OLH.

Coach Fields: “If their big fullback is healthy then we will be in a battle. When OLH went on their three game losing streak, OLH was not playing with that big fella.”

The ReSporter: You say he is a ‘big fella’, who does he remind you of? How about that running back we played during your last scrimmage from Castle Hills?

Coach Fields: “Yes, he is about the same size but he want be as fast as that back was. He is a lighter Preston Koch.”

The ReSporter: What else do we know about OLH?

Coach Fields: “They (OLH) has been dealing with a lot of injuries this year. They have been without three starters and two of those players should be back for our game.”

The ReSporter: Then they have been without half of their starters and now they will get 2/3 of their players back for Bracken?

Coach Fields: “Yes, this is a game where you can get surprised and this game is their season. OLH does not have enough points to be able to make the playoffs without winning this game. If they can beat us then they will end the season in second place and an automatic berth. But, if they lose then a losing record will keep them from the playoffs.”

The ReSporter: This is what you call cornering a wounded animal…you will always be in a fight when the other team knows their season is based on this one outing…plus they are playing at home.

Coach Fields: “This is their season. We have three weeks left and we have a chance of finishing 8-2. If we would of thought of having a record like that in August, then we would of taken it. These players have done well for themselves and they have done a good job this year.”

The ReSporter: What do you expect from a player like Coy Zunker….will he lose some speed with his injury?

Coach Fields: “Coy gets by on how smart he is on the field not his speed. So, we should still be in good shape with him out there. Coy covers people on intelligence and he plays zone and man very well. By having Coy back, we can now play Noah (Boriack) anywhere on defense we need the help.”

The ReSporter: After talking to Boriack last week, he said how much he liked to play defense…so how much defense to play him in games like this?

Coach Fields: “We will kinda play him like we used Grady (Achilles)…he will primarily be on offense, but when we need a play, then Boriack will be playing defense. I would say about 10% of the game, it just depends on the situation.”

The ReSporter: Good luck in caging that wounded animal in Kerrville this Saturday and The ReSporter looks forward to our talk next week.