Coaches Corner, Football | October 17, 2013

Coaches Corner with Coach Fields

The ReSporter: Hey Coach Fields, what are your thoughts as you go into your game with

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

CASA this week?

Coach Fields: “We have a costly injury with Coy Zunker going down…we will need to see how Daniel Forgione will do at his position on defense and a work by committee.”

The ReSporter: What else will you do defensively now?

Coach Fields: “We will start Forgione, but he also plays offense and so we will bring Noah Boriack from offense to defense too.”

The ReSporter: Will there be a domino effect?

Coach Fields: “Yes, (Preston) Koch will and other players will be playing more on both sides of the line. The weather is cooler and we won’t have to worry about players getting as tired on the field. Boriack and Koch are two of our best defensive players but we have not had them play much on the defensive side because we were saving them for offense. Mason Anthony will be another player that will fill more roles.”

“Preston (Koch) is our only player that started on that State Championship game and now he is a senior playing his last four regular season games.”

The ReSporter: What do you expect this week?

Coach Fields: “In a perfect world both players (Koch and Boriack) are starters on defense and that should help us as this season goes on.

The ReSporter: Tell us about Casa offense.

Coach Fields: “Casa has a new head coach and they are a lot better coached…this team is quicker and they have a player that is very quick and this player will make you miss him in the open field.

They also have a fullback that is their go to receiver and so we will have to stop both of these guys to be in good shape, if we don’t then it could be a long night.”

The ReSporter: What about defensively.

Coach Fields: “They basically have five guys that will go both ways and those same two players on offense will be the same players we will need to watch on defense.”

The ReSporter: How do you progress after the loss last week?

Coach Fields: “We got beat after our first game this year and then rebounded with a four game winning streak and now we will need to go four in a row again. This is Homecoming game and this is probably the best Casa team we have faced since the 2008 year…Casa is big up front.”

The ReSporter: Final thoughts for this week?

Coach Fields: “The weather has not been cooperative this week and we have had some good practices this week.

We have everybody playing well and have that one injury to deal with and now just four more weeks to go and the weather finally has us into football season. We will have another tough game with OLH upcoming and we just have to take care of business to end this year.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and we will come visit you at your Casa after the Casa game.