Football, Sport News | October 21, 2013

District 27-3A Football: Let the Games Begin

Hawks are running for a Playoff Spot

Hawks are running for a Playoff Spot

Canyon Lake has thrown their proverbial hat into the District 27-3A race with their win over Bandera last week and will now see if the curtain can stay up so fans will know that last week’s game was not a one-act-play.

So after a winless six games, the Hawks find that they have a decent chance of at least one extra game after this season comes to a close.

Looking at team stats after two district games will give you an idea of who the heavy hitter schools are. (Stats are on District Standings Page)

This week District 27-3A is divided into thirds as each game is coupled with a team with an identical record.

Navarro will entertain Fredericksburg at the top of the food chain and Boerne and Bandera will be looking for leftovers on the other end of that dinner table.

The ReSporter will start by deciphering Boerne and Bandera teams.

The winner of this game will be back in the hunt for that elusive playoff spot while the loser will be in the process of categorizing their uniforms for next season.

Bandera and Boerne both are ranked as the last two teams in total defense which could give you a clue on why they are at the bottom of the standings.

For the six statistical categories for yardage the Bulldog and Greyhound dog show rank last in Total Offensive Yards—Total Defensive Yardage—Total Rushing Defense Yardage.

Boerne’s best stat ranking is third in offensive passing yards with a 152 average while Bandera’s best ranking is fourth in passing defense and rushing offense.

Boerne has played both of the undefeated teams which helps in finding which team might end on top in that contest this week.

Another way of coming up with a standard by using those stat leaders, is to give each team one point for first and so on down to a team getting six points for finishing last…add up all those points and the team with the least amount of points would be considered a favorite.

 Team                Points       Games Played
 Navarro               13         Boerne and Wimberley
 Fredericksburg        14         Boerne and Canyon Lake
 Canyon Lake           18         Fredericksburg and Bandera
 Wimberley             20         Bandera and Navarro
 Bandera               29         Wimberley and Canyon Lake
 Boerne                32         Navarro and Fredericksburg

It is not odd that the coupling of teams also reflects the records after two games into this district race.

Now back to the good and bad for each team.

Boerne has not stopped any team yet playing Navarro and Fredericksburg. Now in their defense (pardon the pun), both of those schools are at the top of the heap.

That would let you deduce that Boerne will be improving on those numbers produced as this year proceeds.

Bandera is a better guess on what might happen and The ReSporter just did not see any chemistry with their offense last Friday and way too many penalties with substitutions this far into a season.

Boerne might be the better team of the two and the Greyhounds also get Bandera on their turf.

Now the top two teams so far in district play, and this game is the district game of the year.

Navarro will be home for this game and they have a good plumb already picked with their win over Wimberley last week at the Texan’s stadium.

Navarro has a running offense that is churning out right at 400 yards per game while on the other end of their line (defense) held Wimberley to -2 yards rushing.

Fredericksburg has already come to Hawk stadium and the Billies not only ran, but their passing game was also a well oiled machine.

This should be a game that might have the top two teams when everything is said and done.

Now looking at Canyon Lake and Wimberley game you can see how CL ranks third in offense and second in total defense.

That will certainly have to be in full operating condition when playing the Texans. Wimberley has a way of always getting into the Hawk’s head and so a visit to a psychologist might be scheduled before this week’s home game.

There are just too many games in the past history of this series to say that Wimberley would be a underdog against a 1-6 squad.

Wimberley’s best ranking on the stat line is their passing game as they are averaging 207 yards on the offensive side and the Texans rank number one in passing defense.

That passing defense stat will not change after a game with Canyon Lake which also will tell you that having a good pass defense really does not matter to the Hawks. Also, Wimberley’s two opponents are not passing teams as CL saw after playing Bandera and of course having a game with Navarro.

This will be a fun week of games as each affair has its own plot line and will also line up each school as they jockey for playoff position.

District Records after this week:

1. Navarro or Fredericksburg                                    3-0
2. Navarro, Fredericksburg, or either a Hawk or Texan           2-1
3. Same as above.                                               2-1
4. Hawks or Wimberley and the winner of Bandera-Boerne game     1-2
5. Same as above.                                               1-2
6. Bandera or Boerne loser will be out of contention.           0-3

Let the games begin.