Football, Sport News | October 30, 2013

Hawk Defense Gets Defensive

Karl Weidner stopping a Texan with reinforcements not far away

Karl Weidner stopping a Texan with reinforcements not far away

It was not that long ago that Canyon Lake was wondering if this might be a winless season. Then a wonderful event happened in Bandera….a win.

The Defense was literally offensive in how it shut down those Bulldogs.

Giving up 109 yards of total offense for their best defensive effort ever…yes, that includes the 2009 year, which is the standard for CL teams to aspire too as that was a salty defensive team.

 Top Ten Total Yardage for the Hawks Defense:
     Game              Year          Yardage Allowed
  1. Bandera           2013               109
  2. Bandera           2012               133
  3. Wimberley         2013               150
  4. Fredericksburg    2011               173
  5. La Vernia         2013               174
  6. Fredericksburg    2009               215
  7. Wimberley         2009               219
  7. Ingram            2009               219
  9. Blanco            2012               221
 10. Blanco            2009               226

That 2009 Defense has six games in the top 15 games of yards yielded.

Defense Erecting Iron Curtain in game with Bandera

Defense Erecting Iron Curtain in game with Bandera

Now this year’s defense can boast of having three of the top five games of yielding the least amount of yardage.

What happened that CL’s defensive side started to get their act together?

“We changed a few things and put kids in different positions that played to their strengths,” Head Coach Charlie Drum stated. “We went back to see what our kids did well and last week we had our best game by our defensive backs against Wimberley….we had a solid defensive effort.”

Canyon Lake’s schedule certainly was a minefield and if you don’t have the right equipment then bad things will happen.

“When you are 0-6 for the year you could have players blaming the defense, offense blaming the defense and players blaming the Coaches,” Coach Drum said. “We realized we needed to get better and we are more comfortable. They are playing and walking with more confidence….the win over Wimberley put a pep in our step.”

Coach Drum was relating how practices have been going this week, “We cut practice during this time of year, but especially since the team has been practicing well this week.”

The Hawks will be going against a passing team this week and the Wimberley game certainly helped in getting CL prepared for Boerne.

Another facet that has helped the defense is the pressure being applied to the oppositions Quarterback. The last two games, Canyon Lake has been sacking and pressuring which helps the defensive backs.

 Game             Tackles for Loss     Sack        Int     Pass Breakups (PBU)
 First 6 Games    25 4.2 Average       4 0.7 Ave.   1      12 2.0 Ave.
 Bandera           9                   2            1       2
 Wimberley         4                   1            2       6

Hopefully Canyon Lake will keep improving, as this team seems to be jelling and another item that helps a defense is how the offense plays and with the Slot-T taking time off the clock.

For those three games mentioned above where the Defense was ranked in the top 5…it was the offense that helped by keeping the offensive drives going. It was La Vernia’s Special Teams that helped since the Bears had three scores via special team breakdowns.

In that LV game, the Hawk offense accomplished something that has not been done in The ReSporter’s limited research.

A 25 play drive covering 83 yards and taking 12:38 off the clock. That drive also had the Hawks converting 4 fourth downs.

 Game             Time of Possession           Hawks
 Bandera              16:50                    31:10
 Wimberley            16:33                    31:27

What’s the point? This is still a team that relies on each element to hold up their end of the bargain.

That was the complete game mantra that was expounded on earlier this season during that 6 game losing streak.

A complete effort this week will result in Canyon Lake having the opportunity to play again….in the playoffs. Good Luck.

This Year's Top Defensive Stats:
  # Player            Tackles    TFL  Sacks  PBU   Int   Other
 36 Austin Acosta       58        2     0     1    0     Blocked Punt
 28 Tommy Clark         45        0     0     1    0     2 Fumble Recoveries
  8 Shane Relkin        40        1     0     1    0     1 Fumble Caused
 40 Christian Dittman   39       10     4     0    0     1 Fumble Caused
 16 Isaac Mendez        39        2     0    10    2     Blocked Kick
 10 Javier Mendez       37        0     0     5    1
 32 Matt Riffe          34        3     2     1    0     Fumble Caused
 42 Jared Bruckman      31        5     0     0    1
 25 Dominic Theisz      30        0     0     0    0     Fumble Recovery
 48 Robert Woods        27        5     1     0    0     Fumble Recovery
 44 Dominik Enea        26        2     0     0    0     Blocked Kick/Fumble Cause