Football, Game Article | October 10, 2013

Hawk’s Freshman Missed it by That Much, in Tying Fredericksburg, 14 all/

Canyon Lake’s Freshman finished one yard short in tying Fredericksburg last Thursday night at Hawk Stadium.

This game started in a rush as the Billies finished all of their scoring within the first three minutes of the first quarter.

After their first two scores the Hawk’s defense arrived and shut the Billies out.

 Drives         Plays       Yards       Result      Score      Quarter
 Billies          1         52          TD           0-7       First
 Hawks            4         65          TD           6-7       First
 Billies          2         69          TD           6-14      First
 Hawks            4          1          55 Yd Punt   6-14      First
 Billies          6         60          Downs        6-14      First
 Hawks            4          6          46 Yd Punt   6-14      Second
 Billies          4          3          Punt         6-14      Second
 Hawks           11         37          Half         6-14      Second
 Hawks            5         27          41 Yd Punt   6-14      Third
 Billies          8         37          Downs        6-14      Third
 Hawks           10         55          TD          14-14      Fourth
 Billies         10         34          Fumble      14-14      Fourth
 Hawks            3         77          Half        14-14      Fourth

The game did start with that, oh no, feeling as the Billies Neil Loth touched the ball twice and scored both times on what would of still been a score if both teams were playing one below.

Keith Hutson, Heath McDonough, Kennith Jowers, Brandon Courtney

Keith Hutson, Heath McDonough, Kennith Jowers, Brandon Courtney

Those two plays counted for 124 yards and Fredericksburg could only total 132 yards the rest of this contest.

“We weren’t ready for Loth and his speed,” Coach John Barthels said. “We just made sure what we were going to do defensively to get back into this game.”

Linebacker Kennith Jowers helped with several hard hitting plays and a key hit on a fourth down play with the Billies deep in the Hawks territory causing a fumble and preserving a tie.

“Jowers is laid back,” Coach Barthels responded to this hard hitting player. “He moved here from Judson and he started slow, but he brings a pop.”

“I just come out and I’m ready to hit,” Jowers started. “It takes a lot to get me pumped, but this game showed that it takes a whole team.”

Fredericksburg was trying to answer a Hawk score halfway through the fourth quarter and the Billies had set up shop with a first down at the CL’s 19 yard line.

That is when Keith Hutson blitzed and stopped a Billies run with a 6 yard loss which put Fredericksburg needing 17 yards for a first. An incompletion on a screen play and then Hutson could smell blood and he was all ears when Coach Drum called a blitz with a favorable result.

“Find and get the ball,” Hutson said when responding to the blitz play. “I think this was a turning point for our team.”

“Hutson is one that goes where we ask him to go and he has two interceptions this year,” Coach Barthels stated. “He is not the fastest player but he is a good finisher.”

Jowers and Hutson were together on that fourth down play as Jowers hit Fredericksburg’s QB Cleland on a keeper and Hutson secured the ball giving Canyon Lake that one last chance for a score.

A ‘peanut’ play was called with the Hawks needing to go 78 yards and only 28 seconds left on the clock.

Hayden Reed turned that play into a 45 yard run to the Billies 33 yard line.

Quarterback Brandon Courtney had his best game this season with a 50 yard run for a touchdown on the Hawks first drive and now Courtney responded with a beautiful pass to Heath McDonough for 33 yards to Fredericksburg’s 1 yard line.

“I’m not use to running the ball and I felt more energetic,” QB Courtney passed. “I thought the line got me the holes to run through and so thanks to them.”

Two plays and 77 yards had Canyon Lake sniffing the goal line for one last chance for a score with 7 seconds left in the game.

Fredericksburg rose to the occasion stopping Reed just short of the score as the horn sounded ending the game.

This game was a good barometer for the middle of a season and team that is low on players but huge on toughness.

The game had a chance to be a blow out for the visitors but holding the line proved to be a huge momentum contest for this Hawk team, even if this game ended in a tie.

Canyon Lake used their passes sparingly, but when they did throw, a Courtney to McDonough combo would become a good combination.

McDonough had caught a ball earlier for the second score to tie the game as there looked to be some good dance moves for this tall receiver.

“I just watched the ball and then after I caught it, I just worried to get back to the end zone,” McDonough waltzed. “We are getting a lot better and we are a smart team.”

There are some teachers that are glad to hear that last statement, because from where this team was in their first game to this gridiron contest, this Hawk team would be able to pass their SAT.

                     1   2   3   4   Final
 Billies Freshman   14   0   0   0   14
 Hawks Freshman      6   0   0   8   14
 Scoring Summary:
 FHF-Neil Loth 52 yard run (Ian Kendrick kick), 8:49, 1st
 CLF-Brandon Courtney 50 yard run (run failed), 6:58, 1st
 FHF-Loth 72 yard pass from Jonathan Cleland (Kendrick kick), 5:59, 1st
 CLF-Heath McDonough 15 yard pass from Courtney (Courtney run), 5:27, 4th
 Game Stats          Freddy       Hawks
 Total Yards         256          261
 First Downs         9            12
 Rushes/Yards        26/183       34/212
 Comp/Att/Int        2/6/0        3/3/0
 Passing Yards       73           49
 Punts/Average       1/39.0       3/47.3
 Fumbles/Lost        1/1          0/0
 Penalties-Yards     3-40         3-15
 TOP                 16:45        19:15
Passing              Comp   Att   Pct   Yards  Lg   TD   Int
 Brandon Courtney    3      3   1.000   49     32   1    0
Rushing              Att    Yds   Ave    Lg   TD
 Brandon Courtney     4     81    20.3   50   1
 Hayden Reed         12     70     5.8   45   0
 Charlie McIntosh    12     48     4.0   11   0
 Austin Brennan       8     13     1.6    7   0
Receiving            No     Yds   Ave    Lg   TD
 Heath McDonough     3      49    16.3   32   1