Football, Game Article | October 24, 2013

Mountain Valley 7th Grade Brooms Wimberley, 16-12 & 38-22

Mountain Valley 7th A Team   Taking in Coaches Talk after Win over Wimberley, 38-22

Mountain Valley 7th A Team Taking in Coaches Talk after Win over Wimberley, 38-22

Mountain Valley 7th B Squad Takes Air out of Ball in Win over Wimberley

Mountain Valley’s 7th B team played lock down defense in the second half to wrestle the lead and win over Wimberley last Thursday night at Hawk Stadium, 16-12.

The Texans led the total yardage stat at halftime by a slim 9 yard cushion, 86-77 yards.

Then the second half had that same defense take the Texans to New Mexico when they held Wimberley to a total of 3 yards and goose eggs for the remainder of this game.

That defense allowed Mountain Valley to stage a 12 play 68 yard drive when Devon Morehead crossed the goal line for the eventual winning touchdown.

“They could not stop us because our line blocked so well,” Morehead said while using his head. “We did a great job and and we got better.”

On that fourth down interception, Morehead commented, “All I saw was the ball going straight and I just went after it.”

The drive had a key offsides penalty on Wimberley that converted a fourth and five needed for a first. In fact, the Texans had another offsides later on this drive with a third down play giving MV another first down.

Mountain Valley’s defense was better than Wimberley’s offense and the second half was a lock-down for the Hawks.

“I think we did a good job but we could of done better,” Defensive Tackle Andrew Garcia said. “During our second half I was real proud of our game and hope we can do it again.”

Drive     Yd Line Started     Plays      Yards    Result        Time off clock
#1           Hawks  46          4          2      Morehead Int      1:27
#2           Hawks  28          4         -4      Downs             1:43
#3           Texans 29          4          5      Downs             0:41
What those those drives mean?
#1    Giving Wimberley only 3 times with a chance to score.
#2    Two drives starting in MV's territory and nothing to show for it.
#3    Wimberley only had the ball 3:51 in that final half.

Compare how little time the Texans had the ball compared with Mountain Valley’s touchdown drive will tell  how this game was controlled by a total team effort.

                   Hawk TD Drive   vs.  Texans 2nd Half            Who Won Drives?
Plays                    14                    12                      √ MV
Yardage                  68                     3                      √ MV
Time of Possession      5:39                  3:51                     √ MV
Result                   TD            Downs and Interception          √ MV

The game did start with Mountain Valley extending some courtesy to our neighbors after fumbling on their first snap and giving Wimberley a short drive of 36 yards and their first score.

Mountain Valley responded with a drive that started in the first quarter and ended on their first play going into the second quarter.

The Hawks drove 71 yards with a key pass play when QB Zack Talieterro had Brent Hemphill in the clear for a 22 yard pass play that converted a crucial third down play.

“Usually they change to go inside and I was doing better and took advantage on defense,” Hemphill said while also commenting on this win. “It was exciting and one of the goals we have set this year.”

Running back Landry Moore finished the drive with a nifty 15 yard run around the end that gave the Hawks the lead, 8-6 after Conner Rose ran for a two point conversion.

“Their (Texans) outside linebacker would come in and then I would just bounce it to the outside,” Running Back Moore said more. “This was a big game for our team and Wimberley was good and we did well to be able to pull it out at the end.”

Wimberley had their best and last drive of the game to end that first half and giving the visitors a 12-8 lead. The drive covered 12 plays and 54 yards with what you would think as a momentum changer going into the halftime festivities.

However that drive had more of a momentum changing moment for MV’s defense as that would be the last time Wimberley would show any sort of life in this game.

Mountain Valley took air out of the ball with their defense and after one sustaining drive, they got a lead and game for the Hawks.

                   1   2   3   4   Final
 Wimberley 7th B   6   6   0   0   12
 Hawks 7th B       0   8   0   8   16
 Scoring Summary:
 WT-Roberts 12 yard run (run failed), 4:41, 1st
 MV-Landry Moore 15 yard run (Conner Rose run), 6:52, 2nd
 WT-Edwards 3 yard run (run failed), 0:56, 2nd
 MV-Devon Morehead 2 yard run (Landry Moore run), 2:23, 4th
Game Stats           Texans      Hawks
 Total Yards         89          152
 First Downs         7           12
 Rushes/Yards        20/58       30/130
 Comp/Att/Inc        3/8/1       1/2/0
 Passing Yards       31          22
 Fumbles/Lost        1/0         1/1
 Penalties-Yards     5-25        5-35
 Punts/Average       0/0         0/0
 TOP                 10:54       17:06
Passing              Comp  Att   Pct   Yards  TD   Int
 Zack Talieterro     1     2    .500   22     0    0
Rushing              Att   Yards  Ave   Lg   TD
 Landry Moore        10    69     6.9   16   1
 Devon Morehead      10    45     4.5    7   1
 Conner Rose          5    22     4.4   14   0
 Zack Talieterro      5    -6     ---    2   0
Receiving            No    Yards  Ave   Lg   TD
 Brent Hemphill      1     22    22.0   22   0

Mountain Valley’s, Jacob Neel, intercepted a Wimberley pass on their first possession which would be an indication for a changing of the guard in games with The Texans. Then, MV fumbled on their first possession giving this back and forth game an identity.

The Hawks won, 38-22 which would also be the first time a Mountain Valley Grade had swept a series against our friends to the North.

Brooms would be needed to sweep Wimberley as Halloween is right around the corner and and MV was ‘Treated’ rather than ‘Tricked’ on this night.

“It’s big and a total team effort,” Coach J Lopez said when commenting on how this game played out. “Our kids made plays on both sides of the ball.They fought through injuries and we don’t focus on one or the other.”

Coach Lopez was commenting on how Mountain Valley responded on special teams, offensively, and defensively.

“I just like to hit the other guys on the other side of the ball,” Defensive Back Tristan Chacon said offensively. “I could tell what their running back was going to do when he came out of the huddle and that is how it helped me with the interception.

Mountain Valley has to be in the heads of this Texan’s team now as Chacon could see what was going to happen in their eyes.

Wimberley would score first after driving 38 yards on just six plays.

Mountain Valley followed with a 70 yard 8 play jaunt of their own and taking a short lead, 8-6. The key play was Jacob Ruff running over Texans for 39 yards.

Wimberley answered that call with a drive that almost used the whole 2nd Quarter. How about, 13 play 67 yards with only two minutes left before halftime. The Texans converted one fourth down and averaged over 5 yards per play.

Now with a 14-8 lead, Wimberley would see another reprisal from the Hawks when MV used the next two minutes and scored from 21 yards out.

Ruff was the main reason for that great field position as he returned the Texan kick-off 65 yards helping to set up a touchdown without needing a lot of time, Hawks lead was now 16-14 at halftime.

The Hawks offensive line was instrumental in helping Hawk runners to get over 200 yards on the ground.

“I don’t know what to say,” lineman Austin Rodriguez said when asked about the lines dominance in this game. “When I do block I feel good when the runners can make as much yardage as possible.”

The second half would have even more scoring as both teams had only been stopped by committing turnovers in this contest up to this point.

Mountain Valley had the ball first to start and a two play drive would result after another great kick-off return from the feet of Tristan Chacon when he went through the Texans like a ball in pin-ball machine for 62 yards.

“My kick-off started out as I wobbled at first and then I saw all those holes open up and then went as fast as I could,” Chacon returned. ”

That field position gave the Hawks a chance to draw blood with Tristan Lorett and Ruff with two runs over 10 yards and another touchdown and a 24-14 lead.

Defense for both schools made an appearance for a short period as both schools were stopped by their counterparts.

Wimberley then struck again with another drive of 51 yards and drawing to within a one score contest to start the fourth quarter.

Defense then appeared for both teams again when Tyler Siegman was in the Texans backfield making things difficult enough for a huge stop and giving Mountain Valley with one last time to increase their lead with 4 minutes left in the game.

The Hawks only had 37 yards to travel and the damage was done when Lorett crossed the goal line from 9 yards out for what turned out to be a safe lead.

But wait, MV was not finished as Lorett found the end zone again after taking the first pass play for Wimberley back to the house on a 55 yard interception return and an exclamation (6) point and a final score, 38-22.

“I really don’t know what to say,” Lorett said after being asked to respond to his interception return. “I just got really mad after being hit and my neck really hurt.”

After two talks with Lorett, The ReSporter, can deduce that making this young man mad has to be done in some sort of way to have a great game.

An intense game with a lot of roller coaster tendencies giving Mountain Valley a win and a date with Boerne next week.

“Our team is all together and we have a good team,” Ruff finished after rushing for 148 yards. “But we still have to get better.”

That has to make Coaches happy everywhere.

                     1   2   3   4   Final
 Wimberley 7th A     6   8   8   0   22
 MV Hawks 7th A      8   8   8  14   38
 Scoring Summary:
 WT-Cockerham 9 yard run (run failed), 4:00, 1st
 MV-Jacob Ruff 39 yard run (Tristan Chacon run), 0:45,1st
 WT-Wofford 1 yard run (Wofford run), 1:59, 2nd
 MV-Trenton Lorrett 6 yard pass from Cooper Harris (Ruff run), 0:08, 2nd
 MV-Trenton Lorrett 13 yard run (Jacob Ruff run), 6:22, 3rd
 WT-Cockerham 10 yard pass from Wofford (Kypvros run), 0:17, 3rd
 MV-Trenton Lorrett 9 yard run (Tristan Chacon run), 1:42, 4th
 MV-Trenton Lorrett 55 yard interception return (run failed), 1:30, 4th
Game Stats            Texans      Hawks
 Total Yards          145         210
 First Downs          10          8
 Rushes/Yards         19/71       28/204
 Comp/Att/Int         8/18/2      1/2/0
 Passing Yards        74          6
 Punts/Average        1/23.0      0/0
 Fumbles/Lost         0/0         3/1
 Penalties-Yards      1-10        5-35
 TOP                  15:50       12:10
Passing               Comp  Att   Pct  Yards  TD   Int
 Cooper Harris        1     2    .500   6     1    0
Rushing               Att   Yards  Ave  Lg  TD
 Jacob Ruff           16    148    9.3  39  1
 Trenton Lorrett       8     63    7.9  13  2
 Cooper Harris         1     -1    ---  --  0
 Tristan Chacon        2     -5    ---  --  0
Receiving             No    Yards  Ave.  Lg  TD
 Trenton Lorrett      1     6      6.0   6   1