Football, Pre/Game | October 29, 2013

Pre/Game Football: Boerne @ Canyon Lake

Hawks Getting Defensive at Home against Wimberley

Hawks Getting Defensive at Home against Wimberley


         Boerne                          @          Canyon Lake                    Nov 1st 7:30pm

    Greyhounds (2-6)              Hawks (2-6)
History: Greyhounds lead series 1-2.
 2010 Hawks 21 Boerne 07
 2011 Hawks 14 Boerne 35
 2012 Hawks 16 Boerne 43
This Season's Games:
 Hawks  06   Blanco         13   Boerne  21  Hondo          42
 Hawks  35   Somerset       47   Boerne  20  Medina Valley  23
 Hawks  14   La Vernia      34   Boerne  27  SA Antonian    31
 Hawks  07   Burnet         34   Boerne  14  Llano          00
 Hawks  28   La Grange      48   Boerne  41  Lytle          13
 Hawks  14   Fredericksburg 38   Boerne  20  Navarro        44
 Hawks  27   Bandera        06   Boerne  22  Fredericksburg 60
 Hawks  28   Wimberley      13   Boerne  23  Bandera        35

Canyon Lake will be looking in the mirror this week as they will be facing a team with an identical overall record (2-6).

Dominic Theisz Taking things into his own Hands

Dominic Theisz Taking things into his own Hands

The difference is that the Hawks are working on a 2 game winning streak while Boerne seems to be going in the other direction with a 3 game losing skid. With all three games coming in district play, gives Boerne an almost impossible road for making the playoffs.

If the Greyhounds win against CL and Wimberley, then they would need Bandera and Wimberley to lose both of their remaining games.

Standings if that happened with other records based on team with best district record winning.

 1. Fredericksburg 5 0  Wins over Bandera and Wimberley
 2. Navarro        4 1  Wins over CL and Bandera
 3. Canyon Lake    2 3  Loses to Navarro and Boerne
 4. Boerne         2 3  Wins over CL and Wimberley
 5. Wimberley      1 4  Loses to Fredericksburg and Boerne
 6. Bandera        1 4  Loses to Fredericksburg and Navarrro

Boerne is a passing team and this year has been a hard road for this Greyhound team as they have lost their starting QB from last year, Quinten Dormady, to injury.

David Snelling and Luke Baird shared the load in last week’s game at QB and Snelling also leads in the ground game with 471 yards. Snelling has over 1300 yards via the pass with a covey of receivers.

Hunter Lees #6, leads this crew with 663 yards and 4 touchdowns. Other receivers in order of yards amassed are:

 # 3  Carson Embry       21 Receptions       328 Yards
 #16  Eli Davis          12                  170
 # 9  Bobby Johnson      16                  147
 # 8  Luke Baird         12                  130
 #88  Lane Goar           7                  104
 #18  Cole Dunaway        6                   83

Lees doubles all of the other receivers with 42 catches which will give you a player to keep an eye on as

Zach Moss is covering Texan in lots of Green Stuff

Zach Moss is covering Texan in lots of Green Stuff

he looks to be the go to receiver.

Besides Snelling rushing exploits, Johnson will be the main running back as he has 390 yards this season with a 5.7 yards per carry.

Adding up all of their offensive plays has the pass ahead by 10 plays, however, with Snelling having 75 carries you would have to think that this player will run if he can’t find an open player.

That might remind Hawk fans of a player that had a decent game against Canyon Lake when Kyle Grona the QB for the Billies visited our friendly confines.

Boerne does have one glaring weakness that resides on the defensive side of the ball. Boerne gave up over 350 yards rushing to Bandera in their battle last week.

That same Bandera team had a whopping 86 yards rushing against this Hawk defense. So, you think that those Greyhounds might be having bad dreams as the Halloween season is approaching, this will certainly not be a treat for Boerne but a very bad trick if CL’s running game continues like it has this year.

Navarro, which runs the same Slot-T offense had 427 yards on the turf. This same Panther team opened up this game right out of the chute:

 80  yard run  for a Touchdown
 40  yard run  for a Touchdown
 43  yard pass for a Touchdown
 31  yard run  for a Touchdown

All of that damage was in those first three quarters as Navarro called off their Panthers to finish the game.

Canyon Lake is enjoying a two game winning streak which has helped heal those wounds suffered from a schedule that has been ranked 20th in the 3A classification as the toughest schedules according to Pigskinpreps.

The Hawks might still be smarting from the game against Boerne two years ago when a one loss team left the stadium with their second loss and being left off a playoff dance card.

The strength for the Hawks might actually reside on the defensive side as Canyon Lake made both Bandera and Wimberley look pedestrian. In last week’s game, the defensive backfield, was taking everything away from Wimberley’s QB and that had the Texans ending with a paltry 80 passing yards.

Texan QB had averaged 215 yards passing for three games leading up to the CL game. So, the passing defense

Josh DeVries running in the open after another Blocking Clinic by the Offensive Line

Josh DeVries running in the open after another Blocking Clinic by the Offensive Line

held Cerday 135 yards under his average. For the year Wimberley had averaged 205 yards per game.

CL’s run defense was administering quick sand to these Texans as they had 70 total yards rushing.

Christian Dittman and Jared Bruckman along with other stalwarts for Canyon Lake put the clamps on Wimberley and Bandera these past two weeks. Even Fredericksburg was held 50 yards below their per game average against the Hawks.

Canyon Lake will need to keep drinking from that same water fountain they have frequented these past two weeks. A game with Boerne will not be taken lightly since this is the team that administered black eyes these past two seasons.

A complete game will need to be attained this week as well as every week. Since that was not a common occurrence when this season started, then a ‘Perfect Practice will help lead to another Perfect Game’. (Hayden Dubois)

Final home game and time for the running game to outrun those Greyhounds.