Football, Pre/Game | October 31, 2013

Pre/Game: San Marcos Homeschool vs. Bracken Christian

Pre/Game         San Marcos Homeschool    @     Bracken Christian        7:30pm
                               SM Homeschool (0-7)                     Warriors (6-2)

All-Time Series Record: This the first game for these schools.
This Year's Results:
BCS 38  Austin Hill Country  61   SM Homeschool 52  NB Christian            59
BCS 34  Sugar Land Prep      30   SM Homeschool 24  FW THESA                33
BCS 50  Prairie Lea          00   SM Homeschool 06  Katy Faith West         52
BCS 34  Hou. Emery Weiner    27   SM Homeschool 02  Waco Live Oak           48
BCS 42  NB Christian         06   SM Homeschool 18  Tomball Homeschool      36
BCS 06  Boerne Geneva        50   SM Homeschool 25  Capital City Christian  70
BCS 67  CASA                 21   SM Homeschool 14  SA FEAST                50
BCS 60  Kerrville OLH        44

Bracken will have a two game stint where a win is a good possibility as this Warrior team will be facing a winless San Marcos Homeschool team.

There has been one game that each school has played in New Braunfels Christian.

NB beat Sam Marcos by seven points in opening football season a couple of months ago.

Bracken Christian scheduled New Braunfels Christian when Giddings State School had to cancel their contest.

The 36 point win and SM Homeschool’s 7 point loss would give you a 43 points differential, but in 6-Man football or even on crowded field football the opening night can always be sketchy on what a Coach has when the curtain goes up.

Bracken has gone through this season with that first night jitters loss to Austin Hill Country and then losing to Boerne Geneva three weeks ago.

Not much is known about this Homeschool team, but their record does indicate a tough season after coming to within a 7 point loss with NB.

The record for the teams on San Marcos schedule is an astonishing 41-16. They have yet to play a school with a losing record.

If you add BCS record to those numbers, then you would have faced teams with a gaudy 47-18 record.

That should be able to give this Warrior team a focus that does not involve facing a team without a win.

Bracken will go into refining mode as this Warrior team has some injuries and Coach Fields will have some tinkering to work on both sides of the ball.

Bracken has certainly administered a pound and ground offense, but in their last two games, BCS offense has had several three play in less scoring drives.

When that part of their game gears up, then the Warriors defense will have to step it up and get some stops.

Last week’s game with OLH, Bracken put a hiatus on Kerrville’s scoring in that second half. On the flip side, Bracken was also slowed down. Which tells you that this team will have to work on sustaining some energy for a whole game.

With the Playoffs looming you have games that will not have many resting periods and so Bracken still has several unfinished business, even if this season has two regular season games to play.

Defensive Stats:
 Player               Tackles        Interceptions
 Sam Hilgendorf         83                 3
 John Colby             80
 Coy Zunker             60                 3
 Davis Scott            58                 1
 Jeff Camp              43
 Mason Anthony          34                 1
 Preston Koch           23
 Noah Boriack           16                 3
 Daniel Forgione        12
 Tim Corey              11
 Gunnar Stolhandske     10