Football, Sport News | November 29, 2013

2013 Hawk Football Recap

Hawks taking in their Win over Pleasanton in first round of playoffs

Hawks taking in their Win over Pleasanton in first round of playoffs

The ReSporter would like to take a look at this past football campaign as well as gazing into the future and into next season.

Canyon Lake matched the 2010 team when that club also climbed into the second round of playoff games.

Both years had a Hawk team needing to find themselves as each season they were coming into a district race with a losing record.

Both teams also lost their first district game, it was even worse for this year’s squad, as the Hawks went into District 27-3A games winless.

Canyon Lake had installed a new offense this year and there were some growing pains as the year advanced and with each loss there would be more questions.

During this losing streak it was not only a new offense that stubbed it’s toe, but Defense and Special Teams were also pitching in for reasons that particular game was lost.

After looking at the last five years of offense and defense, CL had their worst year offense and best year for the defense.

What an anomaly. By rushing the ball 88% of the time, Canyon Lake depleted a clock which made total yardage go down on average. The number of plays was also less for that same reason.

Remember the drive of the year against La Vernia, when the Hawks went 83 yards on 25 plays and taking 12:38 off the clock. A whole quarter the Bears were without a chance of taking a snap.

Now on that particular game, LV did take advantage of three scores via special teams and in part scoring their points in a different manner that would not need an offensive snap.

 The Stat History over the past 5 years: Team Comparisons
 Games                  11       12       10       10       12
                       2009     2010     2011     2012     2013
 Offensive Yards       3523     3992     4060     3081     3646
 Average Total Yards   320.3    332.7    406.0    308.1    303.8
 Rushing Yards         1172     2062     2447     1580     3206
 Average Rushing       106.5    171.8    244.7    158.0    267.2
 Passing Yards         2351     1930     1613     1501     440
 Average Passing       213.7    160.8    161.3    150.1    36.7
Defensive Yards        3256     4187     3653     3281     3407
 Average Total Yards   296.0    348.7    365.3    328.1    283.9
 Rushing Yards         1976     2214     2037     1960     1960
 Rushing Average       179.6    184.5    203.7    196.0    163.3
 Passing Yards         1280     1973     1616     1321     1447
 Passing Average       116.4    164.4    161.6    132.1    120.6
                       2009     2010     2011     2012     2013
 # of Offensive Plays  648      699      537      429      650
 Ave. Plays for Off    58.9     58.3     53.7     42.9     54.2
 # of Defensive Plays  620      696      595      568      496
 Ave. Plays for Def    56.4     58.0     59.5     56.8     41.3

If the Slot-T is working, then the only stat above that would point to a good season is yardage gained rushing.

That would also translate for the defense in two manners:
1. The Defense can’t give up yardage if their opponent’s offense is on the sideline.
2. Having your Defense on the sideline can also help in preserving energy and hopefully having a better unit for a longer period of the game by being fresh.

It did take the offense some time to get humming and luckily for CL it started during district play, which is what you need for having a chance of playing more games.

The Hawks had 6 games that now rank All-Time rushing yardage gained in a game. Also note, that all these stats does not have the 2008 year. The ReSporter was not around for that campaign.

 Top 10 Offensive Rushing All-Time
 Game                    Yards Rushed            Year
 Somerset                   387                  2013
 Sealy                      370                  2011
 Bandera                    367                  2013
 Wimberley                  351                  2013
 Boerne                     349                  2013
 Fredericksburg             334                  2013
 Austin Travis              325                  2011
 Somerset                   324                  2012
 Fredericksburg             307                  2011
 Pleasanton                 304                  2013

Canyon Lake had 14 players that rushed the ball at least one time this year. The Hawks have had 31 players in CL’s short history having a chance of rushing all-time.

So almost half of those running backs were called upon during this season to carry the Rock (Hill Country terminology).

Canyon Lake also had 8 different receivers with a catch which might be even more remarkable when you had only 23 receptions this season.

However, for this season the Hawks had 8 game where they ranked at the bottom of All-Time passing games. Not a surprise, but just for grins.

 Bottom 10 Passing Yardage All-Time
 Game                  Yardage Gained            Year
 La Vernia                   00                  2013
 La Grange                   09                  2012
 La Grange                   13                  2013
 Pleasanton                  19                  2013
 Bandera                     21                  2013
 Boerne                      22                  2013
 Navarro                     30                  2013
 Sealy                       35                  2011
 La Grange                   38                  2013
 Wimberley                   44                  2013

The Hawks were either good or bad on defense. Canyon Lake had three games that now rank in the top 5 in yardage yielded.

 Top 10 Defensive Games All-Time:
 Game                  Yardage Gained            Year
 Bandera                    109                  2013
 Bandera                    133                  2012     
 Wimberley                  150                  2013
 Fredericksburg             173                  2011
 La Vernia                  174                  2013
 Fredericksburg             215                  2009
 Wimberley                  219                  2009
 Ingram                     219                  2009
 Blanco                     221                  2013
 Blanco                     226                  2009

This year had three memorable games when this Hawk team finally broke the ice against Wimberley and dominated this game on both sides of the line.

The next week, Canyon Lake had a comeback against Boerne that would put this team on a train for the playoffs.

Beating a 9-1 team in the playoffs also has to rank high on the list of all time great wins.

The ReSporter will continue this article in a few days as we will look at some individual Hawk players as well as perusing the future and what might be in store for the 2014 season.