Football, Game Article | November 16, 2013

After Game Hawk Rumblings

Running Back Hayden DuBois on his way to another 100 yard game.

Running Back Hayden DuBois on his way to another 100 yard game.

Hawk Rumblings

The ReSporter will have a Student Corner after their win over Pleasanton.

The ReSporter: Hey Christian (Dittman) you had a great game of penetrating and putting pressure on their quarterback Arevalo, what was happening out on the field?

DE Christian Dittman: “That was something we worked on and studied film all week and we saw a weak link.”

The ReSporter: You caused the first fumble and helped in keeping Arevalo running up the middle…

Christian Dittman: “We just kept containing him an they could not get anything outside on us.”

The ReSporter: Matt Riffe great win, what are your first thoughts of what just happened?

LB Matt Riffe: “I have never been so shocked in my life. I would not trade this team for anything in this world.”

The ReSporter: We have talked to Dittman about how he was forcing their plays up the middle and into your area, give us your thoughts on that part of this game.

Matt Riffe: “We were watching the draw play and reading their lead and that led them right up the middle where we controlled their run game.”

The ReSporter: Monfils, you had to wait five games before you could start playing after your injury…now you get to play another week.

OL Justin Monfils: “They (Pleasanton) were shocked with how we ran on them and you could tell they were shocked and did not think we had a chance.”

The ReSporter: Hey Isaac Mendez, you played a good game of taking away their long pass plays as well as run support…oh, and you weren’t half bad on those kick-off returns. Did you anticipate the Eagles game plan?

DB Isaac Mendez: “We did not prepare for their passes to the flats.”

The ReSporter: Tell us about your interception right before half.

Isaac Mendez: “We repped that play so many times in practice and I just knew when he lined up what play they were going to do. He would slant and then go up the field, the Coaches really prepared us well.”

The ReSporter: What about their odd formation where the Eagles would send four wideouts to one side and then throw it to their lone receiver to the opposite side? They did that play twice and each time went to the lone player.

Isaac Mendez: “We worked that play in practice too, and when we would saw that in this game we knew exactly what to do.”

The ReSporter: Hey Skyler Tschoepe, you had been on the sideline for a week and finally had a chance to get back into action…tell us how you got out to such a fast start.

Quarterback Skyler Tschoepe: “We were more mentally and physically prepared for this game than any game we have played this year.”

The ReSporter: What does this win mean for this team?

Skyler Tschoepe: “This game was our best win against a good team and it will give us good motivation going into next week. Next week we have a chance to have a good redemption game.”

The ReSporter: Robert Woods, we have already talked to Dittman on how you controlled the outside and contained this game…can you give us your thoughts on what was happening?

DE Robert Woods: “It was all planned by the Coaches and they (Pleasanton) underestimated us.”

The ReSporter: What do you do now?

Robert Woods: “We go back to work and go back to a 0-0 score and start anew.”

The ReSporter: Mike Thorpe, last time we talked, it was after a game winning field goal in the JV Blanco game in August.

Kicker Mike Thorpe: “I did not want to let my teammates down.”

The ReSporter: Well that certainly did not happen. What were you thinking while you were lining up the kick…you were on the far hash mark..did that make any difference to you?

Mike Thorpe: “I just saw it and put it through the uprights and all I was worried about was the score and making the kick.”

The ReSporter: Mr. Hayden DuBois, you have had a lot of tough yardage games this year and now you have hit the century mark in two of your last three games. What is happening that is helping your yardage increase?

Running Back Hayden DuBois: “I’m just playing my heart out and playing like it is my last game. I did not want to let my teammates down and wanted to win for the Seniors.”

The ReSporter: Hey Josh DeVries, I think that was your first 100 yard game. What happened between last week and this week?

Running Back Josh DeVries: “We had to get our intensity back up. We just had to get it and we did it!”

The ReSporter: Drake Phillips, good game, can you give us your idea on what just happened tonight?

Offensive Lineman Drake Phillips: “They saw our game last week and they thought all they would have to do is just show up. They did not realize that you can always come back and it is never over.”

The ReSporter: Great win Hawks. Congrats and now you have an opportunity to play another week. Make the most of this opportunity.