Coaches Corner, Football | November 13, 2013

Coaches Corner with Bracken’s Lloyd Fields

Coaches Corner: Lloyd Fields

The ReSporter: How has your week of practice been going Coach?

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Head Coach Lloyd Fields

Coach Fields: “We have been getting ready to play a ballgame…when we played this game earlier this year after our contest with Austin Hill Country and our game with Sugar Land helped right our ship.”

The ReSporter: What is your overall thought about the game this week?

Coach Fields: “They are bigger and faster, but we are more physical…looking at the polls they have this game as even and that would be a good way of looking at this contest since we just won by four points in our earlier game.”

The ReSporter: What do you tell your players in getting them prepared for this game?

Coach Fields: “We have to bring our ‘A’ game and make no mistakes because this game will be decided in the fourth quarter, this is the most evenly matched game in the first round of playoffs, the other teams can put a check by their name and go to the next round.”

The ReSporter: What is the difference in Logos in where they were when you played earlier?

Coach Fields: “They seem to be running more spread, but in our first game, Logos, was down and then went to a tight offense and we could not stop their running game and found ourselves down in the third quarter. We need to do a better job of stopping their running game and that is what we are afraid of….we just don’t have an answer for it.”

The ReSporter: How do you talk to the players that have not been in playoffs?

Coach Fields: “For our Seniors this will be there 10th game and so they have played a season of playoff games and the younger players will just have to key on watching and following our seniors.”

The ReSporter: Did you know that this is Noah Boriack and Jeff Camp’s first playoff game?

Coach Fields: “I had not realized that…I haven’t seen any difference in their preparations, Noah and Jeff and the team are probably the most even keel team I have coached and they don’t show much emotion. I did tell the team that we would have to be more aggressive defensively.”

The ReSporter: Last thoughts?

Coach Fields: “This is going to be a good ball game and I was telling the kids that there is a finality in this part of the season and there are no do overs. We can either be turning in our uniforms this coming Monday or preparing to meet Austin Hill Country in the quarterfinals.”

The ReSporter: This is one of those years where all of your playoff stops will be against tough competition and we look forward to our conversation next week.