Football, Sport News | November 15, 2013

Hawk Football: What’s For Dessert?

Is the drought over for Canyon Lake as this football team plays in their first Bi-District tussle tonight against Pleasanton in San Antonio since playing Burnet three years ago?

Hawks getting Defensive

Hawks getting Defensive

As many of Hawk fans know, one rain does not end a drought, but the Hawk Ladies also were able to jump this same playoff bar in Soccer howbeit in a 4A classification last Spring.

Another facet, with this being a year where UIL ruled that four teams per district would be eligible for qualifying for extra games.

Based on that statement, Canyon Lake would of had just one team qualify last year if that same criteria of having four teams qualify.

What sport? Football was that sport as all of last year’s programs finished in the 5th or 6th spot in their respective beauty contest while CL’s football team did finish in fourth place.

The difference these two past seasons, is at this juncture, the Hawk Football team would of qualified last season by finishing in 3rd place.

Yes, it is Wimberley that would have been that odd team out this year as the Texans finished in fourth place.

After last week’s game with Navarro, there has surely been some soul searching by fans, coaches, and players after the debacle that transpired in the Hawk’s humbling 62 point loss.

Hawks Scoring Boerne

Hawks Scoring Boerne

The ReSporter would like to propose another theory on what might happen tonight as well as what certainly happened last Friday night in Navarro.

Both teams ran the same offense. That fact certainly did not look very comparable last week, but if a team has been running an offense for several years and a newbie comes into the picture, then you might concede that a team that has players who have been running that same offense since their 7th Grade year, might present a distinct advantage.

Canyon Lake ran (literally) into a perfect storm as they faced a team, on the defensive side of the ball, that was facing a team they felt was moving in slow motion.

Navarro could smell out the play and then find out what type of fragrance they were getting a whiff of and quite frankly in CL’s case that smell was a skunk on this night.

When Navarro was on offense, that same concept would apply and then add to that fact where Hawks have never stopped the Panthers in any of the past four year’s of games.

That one win two years ago was a nail biter and that Hawk team just controlled the line and was able to use their ball control with the help of Zach Henshaw who is now showcasing his talents at Tarleton State University.

A perfect storm best describes last week’s game.

This Friday, Pleasanton will be bringing in a sparkling 9-1 record to the table, but Canyon Lake will also be coming to dinner with a plate of grub also.

Pleasanton was beaten by Navarro last year and the Eagles had a 9-1 record, the same as this season.

Navarro had over 600 yards of offense and scored 76 points, in that game and you can see that this might present an idea that these Hawks might have a chance to not only score but bring home some bacon.

For the dinner tonight you could have everyone making a bee line over to the Eagles side of the table. Thinking their dish would be superior to Canyon Lake’s.

While very few people would trust what might be served in Canyon Lake’s kitchen.

This could be a game where Pleasanton knows that they did not have to fix a great dish in order to beat your Hawks, which might be the ‘don’t take them seriously’ type of preparation.

On the other hand, Canyon Lake will be making their favorite dish and pulling out all the stops in their preparations of this meal.

That is why, The ReSporter, will be eating at the Hawk’s table and taking in all that great fragrance of food, because there just might be ‘skunk’ being served in the Eagles kitchen.

Good Luck Hawks and let The ReSporter know what is for dessert.