Football, Game Article | November 1, 2013

Hawks 7th B Squad Had More than Boerne could Handle in, 28-12 Win

Mountain Valley Hawks 7th Grade ‘B’ Squad had way more than the Greyhounds could handle in a

Landry Moore, Dylan Dollar, and Devon Morehead taking it easy after Win over Boerne

Landry Moore, Dylan Dollar, and Devon Morehead taking it easy after Win over Boerne

redemption game win, 28-12 last Thursday at Hawk stadium.

In their first game, MV suffered their first loss of the year in Boerne but after the few first plays, fans knew that this game might have a different result.

Mountain Valley’s offensive stats would of fit onto a 6-Man football field on this day as each play run averaged over 12 yards. In the game earlier this year, the fumble was the kryptonite for the Hawks but in this game, Mountain Valley still had three fumbles but even that Kryptonite was not lethal for the superhuman efforts and resolve to redeem themselves from that loss.

MV’s first drive had running back Devon Morehead with two runs of 30 and 31 yards, the last run paving a path to the end zone the Hawks would enjoy for the rest of this night. Morehead finished with 109 yards on just 8 carries.

Morehead’s first run was unique in how the defender just ran with Devon but could not take him down…it looked like a new dance routine.

“I felt like hew was running with me,” Morehead recounted. “Towards the end of my run I was just trying at least gain as many yards as I could. The offensive line stepped up for sure today.”

You want Moore? How about running back Landry Moore with 63 yards on just five carries and another decent per rush average.

“Last time we played I scored two touchdowns and so they were keying on me,” Moore said. “Last time we had like seven turnovers and this game we just stepped up.”

“It felt good to beat the only team to give us a loss,” Moore closed.

Quarterback Zack Taliaferro was also perfect with his two passes finding Brent Hemphill twice and once for a score which also continued to pile on that new resolve in taking care of reversing a scoreboard in favor of Mountain Valley this evening.

Of course, after a resounding game, your opponent might have their head down, so Mountain Valley threw the Greyhounds a Rose in running back Conner Rose and another 85 yards and lofty average. (what else is new?)

Except for two decent runs by #42 for Boerne, the defensive side of the ball for the Hawks took care of business and made lots of sales.

That 100 yards of offense would be just 17 yards after reducing those two runs by that battering ram running back for Boerne.

How about a balmy 0.6 yards per play when extracting those two 40 yard runs for this Greyhound that looked more like Chihuahua puppies on the football field.

“We held our positions because of how we played in our first game,” strong tackle Dylan Dollar coined. “This felt good beating a team we lost too. This my first year to play and we had a really good time overall.”

Yes, a payback game to tell all who wants to see, that this team took that lesson a few weeks ago and passed with flying colors on this night…wait, you might say ‘ran’ with flying colors.

Does not matter how it happened this Hawk team’s 23 plays was successful with 10 or more yards 14 times. The other 9 plays still averaged 4 yards per play which equals a first down after three plays.

Now, convince this team to take those fumbles out of their game plan to see what can happen next week in their game with Navarro.

                 1   2   3   4   Final
 Boerne 7th B    0  12   0   0   12
 Hawks 7th B    16   6   6   0   28
 Scoring Summary:
 MVH-Devon Morehead 31 yard run (Conner Rose run), 5:17, 1st
 MVH-Conner Rose 35 yard run (Landry Moore run), 3:16, 1st
 MVH-Brent Hemphill 16 yard pass from Zack Taliaferro (run failed), 1:45, 2nd
 B7B-Boerne 41 yard run (run failed), 0:33, 2nd
 B7B-Boerne 42 yard run (run failed), 0:11, 2nd
 MVH-Conner Rose 15 yard run (run failed), 3:01, 3rd
Team Stats             Greyhounds       Hawks
 Total Yards           100              287
 First Downs           5                12
 Rushes/Yards          28/100           21/249
 Comp/Att/Int          0/2/0            2/2/0
 Passing Yards         0                38
 Punts/Average         4/11.5           0/0
 Fumbles/Lost          1/0              3/3
 Penalties-Yards       4-45             4-25
 TOP                   17:10            10:50
Passing                Comp   Att   Pct   Yards   TD   Int
 Zack Taliaferro       2      2   1.000   38      1    0
Rushing                Att    Yards   Ave   Lg   TD
 Devon Morehead        8      109    13.6   31   1
 Conner Rose           6       85    14.2   31   2
 Landry Moore          5       63    12.6   35   0
 Zack Taliaferro       2       -8     ---   --   0
Receiving              No     Yards   Ave   Lg   TD
 Brent Hemphill        2      38     19.0   38   1