Coaches Corner, Girls Basketball | November 4, 2013

Hawk’s Girls Basketball, Coaches Corner, MaryBeth Gallagher

Girls Basketball is knocking on the door as Canyon Lake will be rebuilding this year after losing

Head Girl's Basketball Coach MaryBeth Gallagher

Head Girl’s Basketball Coach MaryBeth Gallagher

several Seniors from last year’s team.

The ReSporter: Hey Coach Gallagher, how are things looking as you start practices?

Coach MaryBeth Gallagher: “We have had the Volleyball girls for only two practices so we are still working those girls in. But we are in our third week of practice and overall this year will mainly be learning the game on a deeper level because of our young players.”

The ReSporter: What do you feel will be your identity?

Coach Gallagher: “We will impress teams with our defense…that will keep us in the games. Our goal is to continue to teach defense as a team and hard nose and get after them defense.”

The ReSporter: How has your offense been developing?

Coach Gallagher: “We lost a lot of our scorers and will need to teach the offensive side and try to use our speed. We have a lot more speed than we have had in the past and we have some height and some good guards.”

The ReSporter: What are your strengths offensively?

Coach Gallagher: “Our strength will be the inside game and we will need to develop our guards to control that and get us in position and stay away from traps.”

The Resporter: What are you working on the most in your practices?

Coach Gallagher: “Our floor awareness, we work on two to three transitional drills everyday and rebounding.”

The ReSporter: Tell us how Amber Ramsey and Kyndall Drum are doing.

Coach Gallagher: “Amber will have to score more for us and she knows that she will have to work in the paint…Kyndall really improved last year and she has developed some ball skills and she is solid enough and we can also play her outside.”

The ReSporter: Your team will be young for sure with only four seniors.

Coach Gallagher: “It takes weeks to let things develop but we will spend our next two weeks implementing some stuff.”

The ReSporter: I hope your ‘stuff’ is implemented, what would you want to say to the fans as this season is upon us.

Coach Gallagher: “If we learn and improve in our transition game and also have our guards learning how to handle the ball and master their position, then that will help us when teams pressure us better….that was one of our major flaws last year was getting trapped.”

“I will measure success on what they have learned during the season.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach, keep us posted as the season starts tomorrow in Johnson City. On November 15th the Hawks will face Lockhart for their first home game.