Football, Player Profile, Sport News | November 3, 2013

Key Plays on Boerne Game & Hawk Rumblings

Head Coach Charlie Drum talking to joyous players after Boerne game.

Head Coach Charlie Drum talking to joyous players after Boerne game.

Key Plays in Canyon Lake’s Victory over Boerne

The Hawks had a game that will rank right up there with the Sealy game two years ago in excitement, as CL wrestled and fought for a nine point win last week after being down 22 points with 5:40 left in the third quarter.

There were many highlights and The ReSporter will replay some of those key plays from this victory.

1. After a long Canyon Lake first drive and no points ending with an interception, Boerne was poised to take a 14 point lead.

Shane Relkin came to the rescue on the Greyhounds third play of this drive which helped in keeping Boerne in check for a few minutes longer as time would be seen as gold.

CL would need to keep Boerne in check and the defense would need stops anyway they could. This year the interception has been more prolific with these last three games and this theft was needed.

2. Canyon Lake did not have a successful answer after that interception and stalled after four plays and once again giving the ball over on Boerne’s 34 yard line.

This drive for the Greyhounds would go deep into the Hawks territory. Boerne had a 38 yard pass play right off the bat and then proceeded to CL’s three yard line.

On third down and having the ball at the Hawks doorstep, this was not encouraging since Boerne had averaged over seven yards per play up to this point.

Canyon Lake blitzed the next play giving Boerne a two yard loss and gaining only four yards on their fourth down play and a stop at the one yard line.

3. The Hawks once again stalled after another long drive on the Boerne 17 yard line with less than one minute left before halftime.

Boerne was having success with their passing game but Cody Powell, who had been out for several games, was able to intercept at the midfield stripe keeping the deficit to 21 points.

4. Being down 21 points makes it tough for a running offense to play catch up. The Hawks would need something to help for quick scores.

How about an 80 yard kick-off return for Josh DeVries that took 0:14 seconds off the clock when Canyon Lake had possession for 17:19 in the first half with no points.

Only CL’s second kick-off return in their history. Doug Hubnik turned the trick for an 80 yard return against Luling during the 2011 season. Score? 06-21 Boerne with 11:46 left in the 3rd quarter.

5. Skyler Tschoepe was able to scoot under some Greyhounds by a nose for a two point conversion getting the Hawk’s point back that was lost when their first extra point try was blocked. Score 14-28 Boerne.

6. Hawks had just scored with 2:00 left in the 3rd quarter when an onside kick was ordered. Mike Thorpe was perfect with his kick as the ball traveled just past the first line of players giving speedster Shane Relkin a chance to pounce on the ball.

That onside kick was followed by another Hawk touchdown 10 plays later and now having 9:37 left in the 4th quarter. Score? 21-28 Boerne.

7. After a kick-off return to the Hawk’s 44 yard line, the Greyhounds were smelling the goal posts with their long nose with a chance of putting this game out of reach.

Austin Acosta was ‘johnny on the spot’ when the Boerne quarterback and running back had a bad exchange and that fumble would leave the Hawks with plenty of time to score. Score? 21-28 and 8:52 in the 4th quarter.

8. Josh DeVries took all the pressure off the offense when he broke a run for 27 yards and a first down on Boerne’s 19 yards line. To put that run into perspective: The Hawks had 7 more plays on this drive and those plays added up to 27 yards. Score? 27-28 with 4:40 left in the 4th quarter.

9. Hayden Lee who had engineered that last drive executed a perfect pitch to Josh DeVries for a two point conversion and CL’s first lead.

That pitch play had been an adventure all season and having a Sophomore QB pull it off without a hitch was certainly a clutch play. Score? 29-29 Hawks with 4:40 left in the game.

10. Missed Field Goal after Boerne had answered Canyon Lake’s last touchdown with a 6 play drive and setting up camp on the Hawks 22 yard line. That field goal attempt was long enough but off to the left. Score? 29-28 Hawks with 3:03 left in the game.

11. Hayden DuBois was still searching for his first 100 yard night and was rewarded when he broke a 38 yard run for the Hawk’s last score and pushed his night’s work to 114 yards of real estate. Score? Hawks 37-28 with 1:11 left in the game.

With the number 12 being a perfect number in Biblical terms, The ReSporter will stop with 11 for  the Key Plays. This game was a win that was needed to get that bad Boerne taste out of the Hawk’s mouth after suffering two years of heartache finishing second to these Greyhounds. Key game to this season.


Hawk Game Rumblings:

The ReSporter: Cody Powell, tell us what it meant to finally get back into a game and get that interception?

Powell: “It was fast and wild.”

The ReSporter: Boerne was playing the Hawks pretty tough.

Powell: “They were tired of losing like we were and they gave us a fight.”

The ReSporter: So what turned the tables in the game tonight?

Powell: “We just got it done.”

The ReSporter: Linebacker Dominick Enea, tell us what was happening in this game?

Enea: “We were overcoming injuries and found ourselves down 21 points at halftime and we just had some people that came in and stepped up.”

The ReSporter: How do you take this game and make it a positive?

Enea: “I think we need to get focused and we still need to beat Navarro…one game at at time.”

The ReSporter: Austin Acosta tell us about the fumble recovery and what you can take from this game?

Acosta: “Coach saw me limping and pulled me out but I got back out there and I was able to get to the ball first.”

The ReSporter: Now what do you do with this win?

Acosta: “This game was huge as it helped us qualify for the playoffs, but we can’t let our guard down.”

The ReSporter: Karl Weidner, you were one of several players that were called upon with players going down during this game, give us an idea of what was happening in this game?

Weidner: “Coach put me in at nickel back and I was able to play pretty well.”

The ReSporter: Yes, with Boerne being a passing team, that gave you a lot of action….did you have fun?

Weidner: “It was fun….it was real fun!”

The ReSporter: Wow, Haden Lee, did you ever think you might be playing quarterback this year?

Lee: “Coach Owens came up to me and said are you ready to go in? Then he said to stay calm, people say I look nervous and I went in there with the plays and was what I was running last year.”

The ReSporter: I asked Weidner if he was having fun, did you have fun tonight too?

Lee: “It was a lot of fun, we are in the playoffs but that does not mean nothing, we will need to have a full focus on for next week.”

The ReSporter: Hey, Garhett Grundei, the last time I got to interview you was after a track meet last year, tell us how you prepare each game.

Grundei: “You got backups at spots and we are busting our butts in practice every week, you can’t expect to play, but if it happens you need to be ready.”

The ReSporter: T.J. Jones, what was your thoughts as this game was transpiring?

T.J. Jones: “All I can say is ‘Team’, we have a special team here and every time I come out I think that this is the best time of my life.”

The ReSporter: Josh DeVries you had a big kick-off return.

DeVries: “Before we were lining up, Isaac (Mendez) and (Shane) Relkin said that we were going to hit someone and whoever had the ball would just run through that hole. My teammates made the play for me and (Christian) Dittman hit them and I just went full speed ahead, I knew we needed it (Touchdown).”

The ReSporter: Tell us about the first part of the game.

DeVries: “We came out flat and we wanted it and we played with heart in the second half. We made the right plays and we just stepped it up.”

The ReSporter: Hayden DuBois, I told your Dad that you would break 100 yards tonight, tell us what this game meant for Canyon Lake?

DuBois: “The offensive line first….we (running backs) can’t go nowhere without the big boys blocking for you. This game gives me that drive to keep going.”

The ReSporter: This win will get you into the playoffs.

DuBois: “This game tonight was our playoff, every game will be the most important game.”

The ReSporter: McGuire Johnson, this game had some tense moments didn’t you think?

Johnson: “It was really intense, we were all still sailing in the clouds after the Wimberley game. All we needed was to get kicked in the face.”

The ReSporter: That was a good ending…

Johnson: “That first part of the game made everyone say that the sailing is over and now it was time to get down and fight.”

The ReSporter: Hey, Robert Woods, tell us what you were thinking as this game started and you found that this was not going to be an easy game.

Woods: “We had to build up our momentum and once that big play came in, everyone started going. They (Boerne) started from the get go and we just needed to get that momentum.”

The ReSporter: Justin Monfils, you had missed the first five games and now the team is 3-1 since you have returned, tell us about what you can bring to the offensive line and about this game.

Monfils: “I’m not saying it is me, but I have leadership and they look up to me and we will come out one on one…we came out stale and we had just beat Wimberley and we were thinking that was enough.”

“The second half we got some words from McGuire and that fired everyone up and got momentum and kept it going.”

The ReSporter would like everyone to make the trip to Navarro this Friday as Canyon Lake will finish out the regular season with another Slot-T team. The good news is that this game should be over soon as very little passing and stopped clocks will be a problem.

This might be one contes where the halftime bands performance being longer than the actual game.