News, Sport News, Volleyball | November 12, 2013

Point Hawks!!

Point Hawks!!

Last week the Canyon Lake community lost another icon when Scott Watson passed away.

Remembering the first encounter with Scott, The ReSporter was then The Hilltop Reporter.

While working on the sports page, Scott, called and wanted to know why The Hilltop Reporter would put the word, Lady, to describe the Hawks when writing a Volleyball headline.

Scott, quite frankly wanted us to know that he would rather that phrase be done in another way.

That conversation was over five years ago and from that one encounter, The Hilltop Reporter had found a friend.

As The ReSporter was thinking about disbanding this past Summer, Scott was there to ‘talk’ The ReSporter into continuing through this year.

His caring and taking situations and making them feel worthwhile a trait Scott possessed.

There was many a great back and forth banter and fun times during those Volleyball games as the years have passed. The ReSporter would many times sit at the scorer’s table and help Scott by spotting.

Scott Watson will be missed by this community, as he was always at the head of the table in serving people and in this case the Hawk Volleyball team.

Point Hawks, was the common phrase spoken in the Hawk Gymnasium after Canyon Lake would score….that phrase has ballooned through the fans as those same words are spoken in unison by fans after Scott announces a point scored in echo style.

The ReSporter is sure there were many more mantles that Scott Watson was able to champion while here on earth and wish his family our heartfelt sadness on his passing.

You knew that Scott was a thinker in his conversations with you and now The ReSporter would like to say thanks to Scott Watson and to the Watson family and know that our Prayers are with you during these trying days.

Now the phrase, Point Hawks, can be changed today in Scott’s honor as we say Point Heaven!!

We were blessed by having a chance to knowing him and wish you the comfort that only will come from your love for Christ. Be Blessed!!