Football, Pre/Game | November 5, 2013

Pre/Game: CL Hawks @ Navarro Panthers

McGuire Johnson has rushed for 1145 yards this season.

McGuire Johnson has rushed for 1145 yards this season.

Pre/Game:       Canyon Lake            @             Navarro               7:30pm
                           Hawks (3-6)                              Panthers (8-1)

Series Record: Panthers lead 2-1.
 2010 Hawks   26   Panthers   38
 2011 Hawks   41   Panthers   26
 2012 Hawks   14   Panthers   49
Season Records:
 Hawks  06   Blanco          13   Navarro  27   SA Antonian     21
 Hawks  35   Somerset        47   Navarro  42   SA Christian    26
 Hawks  14   La Vernia       34   Navarro  40   SA Holy Cross   20
 Hawks  07   Burnet          34   Navarro  42   Marion          13
 Hawks  28   La Grange       48   Navarro  54   SA Sam Houston  12
 Hawks  14   Fredericksburg  38   Navarro  44   Boerne          20
 Hawks  27   Bandera         06   Navarro  24   Wimberley       14
 Hawks  28   Wimberley       13   Navarro  29   Fredericksburg  31
 Hawks  37   Boerne          28   Navarro  42   Bandera         21

Navarro will be the favorite this week against Canyon Lake simply by looking at each school’s record and common opponents.

The Panthers only loss to Fredericksburg was on a last second field goal whereas CL was beat handily by the Billies, 38-14.

Canyon Lake has won their Total Yardage stats in 7 of their 9 game season thus far. That can tell you that yardage is not a good yardstick for gauging how good a team might be.

This year, CL has seen that they need more than just offense to win football games.

Special teams and defense are two more variables you need to add to a formula that can spell doom or victory for any team.

In those three wins thus far, Canyon Lake has proven that being on top requires at least two of those components to win.

            Special Teams      Defense                Offense
Bandera     √ Blocked Kicks    √ 109 Total Yardage    √ 367 rushing yards
Wimberley   √ Great Kick-offs  √ 150 Total Yardage    √ 395 total yardage
Boerne      √ On-Side Kick        Not in this game.   √ 349 rushing yards

Now it is time for the Hawks to look in the mirror in more ways than one.

1) Look in the Mirror to see what they have become this last month.
2) Look in the Mirror because CL will be facing a team with the exact same offense.

That running game will make the other two components magnified in this contest.

Navarro has been a scoring machine all season, but they have had three games where their scoring was only in the 20s and that is where the Hawks will have to keep Navarro to have a good chance to win this game.

Wimberley held the Panthers to 24 points, but the Texans offense could not capitalize. Canyon Lake saw Wimberley’s offense and knows that it was not a lethal weapon this season.

San Antonio Antonian held Navarro to 27 points on opening night and Antonian has not lost a game since and stand with an 8-1 record.

Fredericksburg held Navarro to 29 points and won that game.

There is one aspect that can come into play in this match-up….extra points. Navarro is converting 71% of their PAT’s and 53% of their 2 point tries.

In all but one game this season, Navarro has missed their first to third extra point tries which puts the Panthers in a go for two mode for much of the game to get points back.

Canyon Lake on the other hand has just one miss since Mike Thorpe has taken over that position the second game of this season.

Navarro has discovered the pass this season as the Panthers have over 600 yards through the rarified air with Desmond Smith being the recipient of most of those passes catching 26 of those throws for 358 yards and six touchdowns.

In running the ball, Navarro has a slew of players that have taken the rock with five players amassing 300 yards or more.

 Name                 Attempts     Yards    Ave/Per Att        TD
 Luke Jaroszewski     147          1062        7.1             12
 Anthony Grant         92           446        4.9              7
 Jay Leal              61           431        7.1              3
 Evan DeLeon           64           391        6.1              5
 Ty Durham             56           387        6.9              7

Canyon Lake has been run over in their games against Navarro as you ponder the rushing numbers below these past three years, averaging 62 attempts and 423 yards.

Navarro Rushing      Att     Yards     Ave    TD
 2010                76      533       7.0    4
 2011                55      411       7.5    3
 2012                56      326       5.8    5

Last season in their win, Navarro had two touchdowns via the airways as they turned off the faucet long before the game was over to save their water for the playoffs.

Canyon Lake has clinched a playoff spot as has Navarro, but this game is certainly the marquee contest of District 27-3A this week.

The Hawks are riding a nice momentum wave and hopefully their is a full moon on this night as that can certainly help in getting that wave and this team to a surprising four game winning streak high.