Football, Pre/Game | November 6, 2013

Pre/Game: SA The Winston @ Bracken Christian

Pre/Game:         SA The Winston      @        Bracken Christian      Friday 7:30pm
                                Eagles (3-6)                             Warriors (7-2)

All-Time Series Record: Bracken leads this Series 5-0.
 2008 BCS  46   The Winston   00
 2009 BCS  74   The Winston   14
 2010 BCS  65   The Winston   20
 2011 BCS  54   The Winston   00
 2012 BCS  53   The Winston   08
This Year's Results:
 BCS 38 Austin Hill Country   61    SA The Winston  18 Sugar Land Prep          67
 BCS 34 Sugar Land Prep       30    SA The Winston  08 Austin Hill Country      53
 BCS 50 Prairie Lea           00    SA The Winston  74 Selma River City         52
 BCS 34 Hou. Emery Weiner     27    SA The Winston  60 Prairie Lea              13
 BCS 42 NB Christian          06    SA The Winston  19 Corpus Christi Annapolis 65
 BCS 06 Boerne Geneva         50    SA The Winston  18 CASA                     66
 BCS 67 CASA                  21    SA The Winston  00 Kerrville OLH            63
 BCS 60 Kerrville OLH         44    SA The Winston  54 SA The Atonement         06
 BCS 57 San Marcos Homeschool 12    SA The Winston  00 Boerne Geneva            66

Bracken Christian will be playing their last regular season game this week against The Winston Eagles.

The Warriors have won all five games by 45 or more points which might be a result repeated this Friday night.

There are several games that both teams have played that you can compare scores. The CASA game might be the best game to give Bracken a good idea this could be a win.

CASA beat Winston 48 points and Bracken beat CASA 46 points.

The Winston beat Prairie Lea 60-13 and BCS beat that same school 50-00.

Now for a game that might give Bracken a reason for looking at this contest with more fervor.

Austin Hill Country beat Bracken 23 points and Austin Hill Country beat The Winston 45 points.

The Winston will play this game with no chance of playoffs and the Warriors will need to have a game that can help keep their momentum entering into the playoffs.

You can cut to the skinny and know that this game will be another 45 point or more game.

There will hopefully be a chance to have a way of playing enough players and keeping the athletes without an injury.

Bracken will be in the playoffs no matter the score and then preparations for their next season.

There will be five Seniors playing their last game on Bracken field and going for their 43 win as players.

They are sporting a 42-5 record at this writing and their .894 winning percentage is the best of any past senior class.

That is enough reason to take care of business.