Coaches Corner, Volleyball | November 8, 2013

Volleyball Coaches Corner and Final 2013 Stats

Coaches Corner with Volleyball Coach Kim Paisley

The ReSporter: Hey Coach a tough ending to your season, what happened?

Head Volleyball Coach Kimberley Paisley

Head Volleyball Coach Kimberley Paisley

Coach Paisley: “I would like to start off by saying, that I enjoyed my first volleyball season with Canyon Lake. I have had amazing help from my assistants and athletic girls coordinator and AD. The girls have been eager to learn and excited for the new things to come. I feel that overall we have played well and improved from day one. Our skills did not decline the second round, it was the lack of knowledge and sheer fight that stumped us in the second round.”

The ReSporter: What would you do different, knowing what you know now after your first year at Canyon Lake?

Coach Paisley: “I would not change anything I did. I did what I could with the time I had and the little time I had to get to know the girls. Now I know enough to begin to really push them mentally to that next level.”

The ReSporter: How is Canyon Lake prepared to up the ante to compete with the behemoths in this district. Of the four teams that qualified only one team was eliminated in the first round.

Coach Paisley: “I am excited to get the opportunity to work with these kids in the off season. Hopefully we can really sharpen our game knowledge and strategy. We have some very young players and inexperienced players on the court. It has been tough at times to work through it but we managed. I look forward to watching these sophomores and freshman grow and become huge contributors to the next couple of seasons.”

The ReSporter: What were some of those pleasant surprises you saw with this team as the season matured?

Coach Paisley: “Some people have really learned how to perform outside of their comfort zone and that will help them mature and be more versatile. We need to grow more on the knowledge of the game and hopefully with the majority of the varsity and subvarsity kids playing club, that will help.”

The ReSporter: What should the fans be looking for, for next year?

Coach Paisley: “I hope the fans will see a stronger team with fight, leadership, and togetherness.”

The ReSporter: What did you learn from the JV and Freshman teams and how will they be integrated into the program next year?

Coach Paisley: “We have a good group of 8th graders that I am very excited to see come up to our High School. They will provide some competition for the older girls and hopefully everyone is working to get better for next year because everyone’s spot is for the taking. If you want it bad enough it will be yours.”

The ReSporter: Final thoughts?

Coach Paisley: “I am excited for next season and proud of my kids for overcoming some past adversities, being so coachable, and adjusting so nicely to new ways. We will miss our Seniors and wish them the best of luck in their future.”


Final 2013 Volleyball Stats

Name              Assists Name              Digs  Name                Kills
Regan Mickey        465   Hayley Melone      359  Amber Ramsey         288
Hannah Wunderlich   226   Mariah Ellis       183  Bailey Drum          207
Kelsey Ahrens        11   Regan Mickey       154  Mariah Ellis         100
Danielle Stansberry   6   Trena Lorett       152  Danielle Stansberry   68
Hayley Melone         5   Bailey Drum        140  Lillie Sander         53
Amber Ramsey          3   Hannah Wunderlich  121  Emily Muniz           49
Emily Muniz           2   Kacee Vrana        100  Kelsey Ahrens         35
Lillie Sander         2   Amber Ramsey        48  Regan Mickey          21
Alexis Robinson       1   Kelsey Ahrens       35  Hannah Wunderlich     18
Mariah Ellis          1   Emily Muniz         31  Alexis Robinson       10
                          Lillie Sander       23  Hayley Melone          8
                          Danielle Stansberry 17  Trena Lorett           1
                          Alexis Robinson     11
Name                 Service Aces   Name                  Blocks
Hayley Melone              56       Amber Ramsey          55
Mickey Regan               30       Lillie Sander         25
Hannah Wunderlich          26       Bailey Drum           14
Mariah Ellis               21       Emily Muniz           10
Bailey Drum                21       Danielle Stansberry    8
Amber Ramsey               19       Alexis Robinson        4
Lillie Sander               7       Mariah Ellis           4
Kacee Vrana                 5