Coaches Corner, Girls Basketball | December 30, 2013

Basketball Coaches Corner with Mary Beth Gallagher

Coaches Corner with Mary Beth Gallagher

Head Girl's Basketball Coach MaryBeth Gallagher

Head Girl’s Basketball Coach MaryBeth Gallagher

The ReSporter: As District 27-3A looms in the next few days, The ReSporter would like to get a mid season update from Coach Mary Beth Gallagher before the start of district play against Fredericksburg at the Hawk Gym on January 3rd with tip-off for Junior Varsity 4:30 and Varsity 6:00pm.

The ReSporter: How has your young team progressed during this pre district games?

Coach Gallagher: “Well we have progressed and we are now focused on the details of our offense.”

The ReSporter: What are you needing from those players to do in order to give your team a chance to compete?

Coach Gallagher: “We have to do the little things like set good screens, make smart passes and finish shots to win in district. We know we will have to beat Wimberley and Bandera both times and we would love to take a win from one of the other three.”

The ReSporter: Give us a grade on your offense so far this year…more specifically the Post and Guard players.

Coach Gallagher: “These girls play hard and they know they have to play with less mistakes. We have been working hard on pressure on the guards and ball handling and know that we muss get better there as well. Look to see a few new wrinkles in our offense. The posts know they have to produce more offensively.”

The ReSporter: Defensively what will this team need to do in keeping then in the game?

Coach Gallagher: “We are talking better on defense as well as closing gaps better. This team has to get after in in defense and that is something we can control.”

The ReSporter: What is your final assessment as games that count get started this Friday?

Coach Gallagher: “We will continue to focus on our transitioning….we are still young and I know there will be some hiccups but their basketball IQ is improving and we will always fight hard.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and good luck as you start this week against Fredericksburg.