Girls Basketball, Sport News | January 6, 2014

Girl’s Basketball Climbing the Charts

Climbing the Charts

Canyon Lake Girl’s Basketball has a short history but as we partake in a mid/season time period The

2013 Graduate Katie Williams holds down many Hawk Basketball Records

2013 Graduate Katie Williams holds down many Hawk Basketball Records

ReSporter wanted to show how this team of players stack up with previous players in the record book.

The players in kelly green are the current players and in each category there will be players that have ranked in the top 5 or more levels.

So, seeing a current player ranked sixth might not mean they are the sixth best ever with that stat.

You will be able to tell by looking at the official number of points (or whatever the stat is) that this player has many more points needed to enter into the higher stratosphere.

Amber Ramsey has already reached the top in a few categories and is now just setting the bar higher for future students to strive for.

Hope you enjoy this edition of Climbing the Charts.

 Individuals Stats:
 Total Points              Career Field Goals          Free Throws Made
 Katie Williams    755     Katie Williams    315       Ashley Pfaff       152
 Tiffany Tschoepe  515     Tiffany Tschoepe  188       Tiffany Tschoepe   139
 Ashley Pfaff      493     Amber Ramsey      178       Megan Browning     133
 Megan Browning    428     Ashley Pfaff      151       Katie Williams     119
 Amber Ramsey      415     Amber West        144       Tiffany Arrendondo  96
 Amber West        358     Megan Browning    136       Olivia Flores       55
 Tiffany Arredondo 332     Kyndall Drum       71       Amber Ramsey        55
 Kyndall Drum      178     Bailey Drum        29       Kyndall Drum        36
                                                       Sarah Russell       23
                                                       Bailey Drum         21

 Steals                    Assists                     Three Point Shot
 Amber Ramsey      185     Tiffany Arredondo  125      Olivia Flores       42
 Katie Williams    139     Ashley Pfaff        89      Ashley Pfaff        39
 Amber West        127     Megan Browning      83      Megan Browning      23
 Ashley Pfaff       96     Amber West          74      Jessica McMurray    14
 Tiffany Arredondo  90     Caitlyn Gillum      63      Amber West          10
 Dulce Brown        66     Katie Williams      56      Hannah St. John     10
 Kyndall Drum       44     Amber Ramsey        38      Sarah Russell        6
 Trena Lorett       31     Dulce Brown         34      Bailey Drum          2
 Rebounds                  Blocks
 Tiffany Tschoepe  579     Amber Ramsey        90
 Katie Williams    559     Katie Williams      73
 Amber Ramsey      500     Tiffany Tschoepe    48
 Megan Browning    235     Ashley Pfaff        29
 Ashley Pfaff      199
 Dulce Brown        88
 Kyndall Drum       79