Game Article, Track & Field | February 24, 2014

Boys Track is Off and Running

Isaac Mendez never stops running

Isaac Mendez never stops running

Track is off and running as this past week Canyon Lake visited Bastrop competing against many schools with more athletes.

“We were the only 3A school that was at the track meet,” Head Boys Coach Troy Moses parted. “I knew that it was going to be a very fast meet. Our kids competed well and got some good experience running against faster competition.”

Canyon Lake finished 13th out of 16 schools entered into this Meet.

“We will not see that again until the regional meet,” Coach Moses continued. “I am very excited about the

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potential this team has and if we put in the time and effort over the next six to seven weeks, I think we can compete for the district championship.”

High goals, but Canyon Lake did have one athlete that beat his previous goal of 14’3 in the Pole Vault when Christian Dittman reached the 14’6 bar and seems in good shape for an early meet.

The height won the event by over a foot more than the next competitor.

Junior Varsity and Varsity participants and how they finished.

 JV Boys                                   Varsity Boys
 3200 Meter Run   Time or Ht  Finish       3200 Meter Run     Time or Ht   Finish
 Adam Wiewel      12:44.0                  Nash Oppermat      12:19.0
 Calvin Graves    12:53.0

 4x100 Meter Relay   48.1      7th         4x100 Meter Relay    50.78
 Matt Adams                                Garhett Grundei
 Hunter Lehman                             Shane Relkin
 Hayden Reed                               Nic Adams
 Justus Montgomery                         Josh DeVries

 800 Meter Run                             800 Meter Run
 Alex Morehead      2:30.0                 David Pfaff          2:14.4
 Jesse Stanley      2:36.0

 110 Meter Hurdles
 Deven Coco          17.66     4th
 Garrit Wilkins      18.52
 Joe Marple          19.20

 100 Meter Dash                             100 Meter Dash
 Matt Adams          12.11     5th          Shane Relkin         12.15
 Hayden Reed         13.03                  Garhett Grundei      12.77
 James Alexander     13.06

 4x200 Meter Relay  1:38.9     7th          4x200 Meter Relay  1:38.20
 Matt Adams                                 Christian Dittman
 Hunter Lehman                              Isaac Mendez
 Robert Woods                               Nic Adams
 Justus Montgomery                          Josh DeVries

 400 Meter Dash                             400 Meter Dash
 Heath McDonough     58.19                  Javier Mendez        53.12       5th
 Even Schuller       59.32                  Isaac Mendez         55.74
 Cody Thompson       63.03                  Conner Ricker        57.84

 300 Meter Hurdles
 Joe Marple          45.59      5th
 Brandon Courtney    45.62
 Garrit Wilkins      49.55

 200 Meter Dash                              200 Meter Dash
 Robert Woods        24.36      5th          Christian Dittman     24.40
 Hunter Lehman       25.45                   Nic Adams             25.38
 Justus Montgomery   26.90                   Josh DeVries          26.25

 1600 Meter Run                              1600 Meter Run
 Adam Wiewel        5:58.0                   David Pfaff          5:29.0
 Wyatt Wiggins      5:59.0                   Nash Oppermat        5:41.0
 Alex Morehead      6:00.0

 4x400 Meter Relay  3:50.0      6th          4x400 Meter Relay    3:38.1
 Heath McDonough                             Isaac Mendez
 Even Schuller                               Shane Relkin
 Robert Woods                                Garhett Grundei
 Brandon Courtney                            Javier Mendez

 Shot Put                                    Shot Put
 Zach Moss           34-11                   Gordon McCleary     40-06.75      6th
 Chris Schultz                               Austin Kahil
 Cody Thompson                               Ian May

 Discus                                      Discus
 Alijah Canales                              Austin Kahil       121-03.00      5th
 Landry Kilpatrick                           Gordon McCleary
 Dylan Dittman                               Ian May

 Triple Jump                                 Triple Jump
 Even Schuller     37-06.25      5th         Christian Dittman    40-07.00     5th
 Hayden Reed                                 Josh DeVries
 Brandon Courtney

 Long Jump                                   Long Jump
 Mike Thorpe       16-02.25                  Shane Relkin         19-04.00
 Cody Thompson     15-07.50                  Christian Dittman    18-10.00
 Justus Montgomery 15-04.50                  Josh DeVries         17-06.00

 High Jump
 Heath McDonough       6-00      2nd
 Dalton Head           5-06      4th
 Aldan Bea             5-06      6th

 Pole Vault                                   Pole Vault
 Wyatt Wiggins                                Christian Dittman    14-06.00    First
 Joe Marple