Coaches Corner, Girls Soccer | February 4, 2014

Coaches Corner with Girl’s Soccer Coach Robinson

The ReSporter: I know the score was the same as last time you played Canyon, what

This Soccer Coaches Corner is brought to you by Dan Krueger running for County Commissioner Pct. 4

This Soccer Coaches Corner is brought to you by Dan Krueger running for County Commissioner Pct. 4

positives did you take away from last night’s game?

Coach Erich Robinson: “Keeping in mind that Canyon will probably be 6A next season the score was 7-0.  I feel that we got to really see areas that we need improvements in. We tried a different defensive strategy the second half and will continue to address this area.  In addition, our counter attack needs some tweaking as well as supporting our offensive attack.”

The ReSporter: How much of an improvement have you seen with the team so far this season?

Coach Robinson: “I think we are continuing to improve. We are trying new strategies and players in different positions.  We have had several injuries that call for a shifting of positions and lineups.”

The ReSporter: District play will be upon this team soon, what areas will you be concentrating on as you prepare your club?

Coach Robinson: “Defense-marking players instead of space.
Midfield-achieving the ability to support both offense and defense.
Offense-working together, taking chances and increasing shots on goal.”

The ReSporter: Is it hard to get a team ready when the temperatures come down during this time of the year?

Coach Robinson: “It is, but we practice in it and know its part of our season.”

The ReSporter: How will you approach this District as you play some powerful teams?

Coach Robinson: “I think it is important to focus on the team you are about to play and not to worry about what is coming.”

The ReSporter: Can you give us an idea of how this District compares with others in this Region?

Coach Robinson: “I think that the upcoming alignment will make all more comparable.”

The ReSporter: Coach Robinson any final thoughts?

Coach Robinson: “I look forward to a wining season this year.  We have played some real power houses and I think that we have learned a lot from these experiences.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and good luck!!