Boys Basketball, Player Profile | February 16, 2014

Tanner McGill has been Biding His Time

Biding His Time

Tanner McGill has been seen throughout this school year and with little to show for his presence.

Sophomore Tanner McGill

Sophomore Tanner McGill

McGill was a transfer this year and yet his paperwork with the UIL has taken until now for getting clearance to play Varsity sports.

“Finally,” McGill said. “I’m happy it is finally over but sad that it took this long…but the wait was worth it. Now I can start work and try to help the baseball team.”

McGill has a Sophomore classification, but in football he would of been the back up quarterback until he was relegated to Junior Varsity this past season.

Now, McGill, has a legit shot of playing for the Varsity Baseball team and help give even more arms for pitching as well as playing in the outfield.

“If we play like a team, then I think we will be unstoppable,” McGill said confidently. “We will have to show up and put in the effort.”

Canyon Lake has a strong Junior class and many of these players played varsity last year and now will be bringing a year of varsity experience to the diamond.

“We have a good infield if we can do everything right and our pitching and outfield is pretty good,” McGill continued. “I want to get better each time I go out and play.”

Canyon Lake has been missing in action for going on four years now and this might be the club that can break that playoff drought.

Last year Bandera suffered a large Senior class graduating and now Navarro has a similar situation when many of their starters also received their diploma last May.

That hopefully will bode well for CL as Coach Dunavant goes into another year where he actually has enough players that he can make substitutions in a game.

It wasn’t that long ago when Coach Dunavant just did not have the bodies to have strategy during a game. Baseball is one sport that many changes can be made to help during a game to increase your chance of keeping a lead or catching up in those later innings.

“Our defense is really good and we haven’t focused on hitting yet,” McGill finished. “I think we can hopefully go three rounds in the playoffs but we will have to find our heart to play hard and then we might go even further.”

Well said for a player that finally gets to wear a uniform that has been taken out of it’s wrappers and ready to play ball.

This year’s baseball team will be fun to watch and if there ever was a fan base that deserves something good to happen then maybe this will be the year.

Good Luck Hawks and don’t fall on any marbles this year.