Sport News | March 4, 2014

Craw Fish will Be Boiling May 3rd, Hawks Win

How it all began…

The Hawkscrawfish.com Boil began in 2006 when Cory/Robin Martelli, Deron/Sharon Lestourgeon, Trent Christian, Jemmie/Nicole Rowe, Lori/ Mike Jarrell and Nancy Hartman, suggested a way for friends and relatives to gather for a day of fun and to enjoy a . As the Craw Fish Boil grew, it was decided to ask for donations and to donate the profits to the Canyon Lake Football and Cheer ( CLHYFC) since that organization needed a fundraiser.

Over the years, interest continued to grow, more friends joined in the fun and Crawfish, and a committee was formed to help guide the profitable efforts of the Crawfish Boil. The all-volunteer group has continued to put on this event on every year. Since CLHYFC had attained a regular fundraiser, it was decided that in 2011 the donations gathered would go to MVMS and CLHSABC from this date forward on a 50/50 basis. The Hawscrafishboil.com and along with the CISD and the community, began growing this event to what it is today. To date Hawkscrawfishboil.com has donated over $8500.00 to the youth in the community. Many, many thanks to the volunteers, sponsors, players, and friends and family that come together to make each Crawfishboil a memorable and truly charitable event.

Our Goals
Hawkscrawfishboil.com is a support arm for CL Hawk youth activities. We want to build a closer Hawk community by emphasizing academics and sports while building Hawk pride within our families and community. It is important that Hawkscrawfishboil.com continues to support our area business community with our patronization by help making families aware of the great services provided locally.

Our History
Hawkscrawfishboil.com was founded in 2007 by a group of local parents in the Canyon Lake Hawk community with a vision of bringing together the Hawk community through youth sports. We saw a need for the Canyon Lake area to build a single identity centered on the “Hawk” icon, which is used as a school mascot in the area. “Hawk Strong” has become the motto of our organization because we have a mission to build in our children both strong bodies and a strong sense of community. To fulfill that mission, we have supported a series of sports camps, focused on both general fitness as well as specialty sports such as football and cheerleading.

Our Philosophy
It is our philosophy that involved kids means involved families. By supporting our youth financially, we hope to keep both kids and families involved in the Canyon Lake activities.