Hawks Soccer Get Their Kick(s) in Win over Texans, 1-0

Canyon Lake finished district play with four wins when the Hawks took a, 1-0 victory over Wimberley last

Parziale's Pizza says Go Hawks!!

Parziale’s Pizza says Go Hawks!!


“I am very proud of the team and our accomplishments,” Head Coach Erich Robinson started. “I think this might be a school record, if not a record for myself and Coach Paisley, as far as first year Varsity Girls’ Soccer Coaches.”

The Hawks finished the sweep when they made a Christy Fowler first half goal stand with a great defensive effort with Tiffany Laurent kept all attempts at goal a losing proposition.

“Wow, it was a ‘nail bitter’, Coach Robinson said. “I was really proud of my girls, they did not back down or give up.”

Canyon Lake’s goal in the first half stood up as being good enough in this contest.

“It was a tough first half, sunny and against the wind,” Coach Robinson continued. “I had hoped to score more in the second half, but we held them to accomplish our goal-a victory.”

This win will allow the Hawks to line up against Boerne Champion for Bi-District this week after finishing in 3rd Place in District.

Champion finished in 2nd in their district setting up this first round of action.

“I think we have a big challenge against Boerne Champion,” Robinson said succinctly. “I also believe that we can accomplish what we put our minds to…..We only have one day to practice and I want to bring them (Champion) a game and not just play defense.”

The Hawks have a well balanced team this year with almost the same amount players for each of the classes.

“We rotate and converse on what positions and duties are supposed to look like,” Coach Robinson said in response to his number of players represented.

“I hope that all (the players) are Very Proud,” Coach Robinson closed.

Now take care of business and maybe we can take Boerne’s last name this week.