Softball, Sport News | April 1, 2014

A Pivotal Two Games this Week for CL Hawks

Hawks enter a two game stint that could define their season.

Hawks enter a two game stint that could define their season.

The CL Hawks finish their first round of games in district play and as of this writing find themselves tied with two other teams vying for a 4th and final spot opening for a playoff spot.

A win against Navarro this Thursday would be a big morale booster as they trek into those final games.

Boerne and Wimberley find themselves with Canyon Lake and the Hawks beat one each of those teams.

Boerne beat Fredericksburg for their only win and CL Hawks won their first game in district play with Boerne last week.

Bandera and Fredericksburg play this Thursday and a Billies win would bunch as many as four teams for the remaining three playoff spots.

This year seems to be populated with several teams that have a good chance of finishing in

Y4 Custom Homes Supports Canyon Lake Softball

Y4 Custom Homes Supports Canyon Lake Softball

the upper half of district.

Bandera, thus far has been the class of this season, but that could easily be turned around as the Bulldogs have two wins that were one run affairs.

Hopefully Kat Weber will be able to play as she was on the bench with an injury in the game with Boerne.

Weber is another fabulous Freshman that has an ability to reach base at least once per game as she has a chance for a walk in any game along with a decent, .304 batting average and an even more impressive, .448 on base percentage.

This time last season Alexis Robinson was in the throes of a hitting slump as her year as a freshman was having it’s toll, especially during district play.

For this year, Robinson has been rocking during District 27-3A games giving you an idea of what an extra year and being used more carefully after being the everyday pitcher and miss do everything last season.

Robinson’s batting last year for Non-District and District play.

 Batting Average          District        Non-District        Overall
      2013                  .303             .359              .342
      2014                  .417             .409              .411

 Slugging Percentage
      2013                  .364             .564              .504
      2014                 1.250             .836              .904

 On Base Percentage
      2013                  .361             .397              .387
      2014                  .588             .442              .527

Slugging average has gone through the roof as Robinson boasts 4 home runs and that goes for a team that had a total of 2 after every game ever played through last year. The ReSporter is talking about that traditional homer that goes over a fence.

Only one double in 10 district games last year and already, Robinson has plated that one double and added two home runs.

Just look at those numbers and you can come up with several attributes this young athlete has garnered in her improvement in one year’s time.

Brianna Young and Kelsey Ahrens has also improved their numbers and now in adding the rest of this team and you can see how this year has a chance to be special.

Stay tuned as a two game stint with teams that reside above the Hawks will be played on Thursday-Friday and you will have a good idea of how this team might give a Hawk a chance to soar.

Good Luck!!

 District 27-3A Standings
 Bandera             4-0
 Navarro             3-1
 Fredericksburg      2-2
 Canyon Lake Hawks   1-3
 Boerne              1-3
 Wimberley           1-3