Player Profile, Softball | April 30, 2014

Brianna ‘The Wall’ Young Signs with Frank Phillips College

Brianna Young signing to play with Frank Phillips College next year.

Brianna Young signing to play with Frank Phillips College next year.

Brianna (The Wall) Young will start building a new ‘wall’ in Borger, Texas as she signed a scholarship for Frank Phillips College Plainsman in Softball.

Young did not play young as she immediately brought a replacement at catcher when Katy Payne graduated.

Canyon Lake will now be looking for their third catcher this next season.

Young was nicknamed The Wall by her teammates as she had a way of blocking the plate and looking at the carnage as she trotted back to the dugout after recording an out.

“I’m excited,” Young started when asked about signing on the dotted line. “I just want to work and play hard to find anyway to play next year.”

Frank Phillips is a Junior College and Young now joins Missy Romero who is just finishing her second year at Copiah-Lincoln Junior College in Mississippi as the second softball player to garner a scholarship.

Briana Young with her patented swing as a Sophomore

Briana Young with her patented swing as a Sophomore

“I would not be here without my Dad and Brother who helped me in sports,” Young paid tribute. “And my Mom who drove me everywhere.”

“I want to stay warm (Borger is north of Amarillo in the Panhandle) and keep playing hard,” Young said in the air conditioned gym. “I will have to work 10 times harder to play at the next level and I plan to get my degree in Education in English and I would like to Coach Softball.”

Joe Young (Dad) also gave his thoughts for his daughter, “I am very proud of ‘B’ and the hard work she put in…she has been playing since she was 4 years old and I still remember going in the backyard and working on her swing.”

“I am also very appreciative of the Gallagher’s in how they helped ‘B’,” Dad said. “B will now go to college and carry on the Young tradition….she has been joyful out here playing for Canyon Lake.”

Robin (Mom) also said proudly, “Very excited for her….We have been blessed by her genuine personality and at least she will be staying in the State of Texas.”

Yes, Young will still be in Texas, but when looking at the map you will notice that she will now be 519 miles from home.

“She (B) really liked the Coach and she loved it here at Canyon Lake and has lots of friends….It is hard to express my feelings, I don’t know how I will feel after she leaves,” Mom closed poignantly.

Matt Young (Brother) also played sports for Canyon Lake and graduated two years ago and is attending Texas State while competing in Tennis.

“Dad has been getting us ready in sports since we could walk,” Bro Young started. “We (B and Matt) were out playing Softball and I was pitching underhanded to ‘B’ and she hit a ball so hard back up the middle and it hit my elbow and she got payback for all of the stuff that I had done to her growing up.”

Young started playing during her Sophomore year and stepped right in as catcher replacing Payne who at the time was the only player to hit a home run.

Young joined that small sorority during her Junior year and repeated the feat again this year. She has also tied Romero with 24 doubles while playing for the Hawks.

It was hard to keep her off the bases as Young finished with the highest on base percentage (.485) while finishing second with the second best batting average (.367) just behind McKenna Beseda.

Good luck and keep building your ‘walls’ with fieldstone boulders, they will have a longer life.