CL Hawks Softball is just around the Corner

That phrase will be here before you know it as Hawk fans will have some sweet

Sophomores Alexis Robinson and Cameron Berger will be seasoned veterans next year as Juniors

Sophomores Alexis Robinson and Cameron Berger will be seasoned veterans next year as Juniors

dreams while waiting for that first pitch next February, 2015.

Hitting was certainly in good form this season as CL decided to restitch some new covers for those Softballs.

Homeruns were certainly a site that has now been seen enough times to verify that the long ball can be hit with some degree of authority at the Hawk Diamond.

Nine homers this season that had 10 triples and 25 doubles coming along as traveling companions.

Coach John Gallagher did not want to hear the, ‘this team is pretty young’, comment, but those were the facts this season and you do not have to go far to see what might be in store for future teams.

For instance, the Hawks just finished their second year of having a JV team and by looking at their scores, you might be disappointed in how many times CL was beaten by opposing competition.

Looking at the numbers, CL had 9 players that had a Freshman or Sophomore word in front of their names playing varsity.

Well, the name Junior Varsity will usually entail that these are teams that will not have Juniors and Seniors, which was the case.

However, when a Varsity club takes the field, you would see Juniors and Seniors dominating those rosters.

Canyon Lake had a total of 4 players with that moniker of being in the upper echelons of classification.

Look at the numbers and then think how those same Freshman and Sophomores playing on the JV team might have fared in those games.

 name        #  ab   r   h  bi 2b 3b hr bb so  sb  sh roe hbp
 Freshman    4 235  83  75  28  3  2  0 23 36  23  8   5   3
 Sophomores  5 295  82  88  56  8  6  5 32 68  11  5   7   2
 Juniors     2 127  35  45  32  8  2  3 13 22   4  3   4   1
 Seniors     2 107   6  39  37  6  0  1 18 16   0  1   5   1
 Now add those important Averages and Percentages to the equation:
               Batting Ave      On Base Per      Slugging Per
 Freshman         .319            .387              .370
 Sophomores       .298            .380              .481
 Juniors          .354            .418              .622
 Seniors          .364            .460              .514

Now put those Freshman and Sophomores on the Junior Varsity and you would see an undefeated season and numbers so high you would need an oxygen mask to decipher them.

Also notice how old you are will then translate in better batting percentages.

Take Junior Lizzy Henderson between her first two years and this past season. Not only did her name change from Elizabeth to Lizzy, but her demeanor at the plate this season had much more confidence and a reduced number of strikeouts.

Elizabeth/Lizzy did not have a pure two seasons of playing on a JV team and with that having confidence when taking the field.

 Year         ab  r  h  bi 2b bb so   ave
 Junior       34  9 11  6  3  3   8  .324
 Sophomore    40  4  8  0  0  2  17  .200
 Freshman      7  3  0  0  0  1   5  .125

What is The ReSporter saying? Watching how there were some games the Hawks were outclassed by a pitcher here or there, will not be as prevalent as they increase their age and softball IQ.

Almost all the games Canyon Lake had during the district calendar had that one inning where things would fall apart which took the Hawks from being in the game to leaving with that bad taste in their mouth after a loss.

Fredericksburg-Navarro-Wimberley-etc. all had that batter at the bottom of the order that could still produce at a high rate no matter what district game they were playing.

Freshman Sam York and Kat Weber showed that they can play a mean game of Softball, but having a freshman trying to produce every game and not expect some dry spells is just not realistic.

 Sam York          ab  r  h bi bb so   ave
 Regular Season    38 14 14  9  2 15  .368
 District Season   27  0  1  0  0  4  .037

 Kat Weber         ab  r  h bi bb so   ave
 Regular Season    38 11 12  3  9  6  .316
 District Season   26  3  5  2  2  4  .250

York and Weber would have had a batting averages over .400, if CL’s depth would of been at a level that would have players playing at a different level (i.e. JV).

Y4 Custom Homes Supports Canyon Lake Softball

Y4 Custom Homes Supports Canyon Lake Softball

Canyon Lake’s roster is filled with players that would of been on a younger team instead of having to produce at a Junior/Senior capacity.

Alexis Robinson could possibly be playing on varsity a year early, but even looking at her pitching this year, you have to wonder what she might be producing when next year comes upon us.

Other players that have been pushed to perform earlier than needed based on having no depth.

Here are some of those seasoned veterans.
Sophomores: Cameron Berger, Kirsten Jones and Tiare Kacir

These are exciting times for the Hawks as they will certainly be playing at a different plane when that first pitch comes out of Robinson’s hands next year.

No, The ReSporter did not mention Freshman Carly Dubois for a reason that only you can see by those same numbers used for those other younger players.

 Carly Dubois      ab  r  h bi 2b 3b bb so   ave.
 Regular Season    60 21 23  8  0  0  7  6  .383
 District Season   37 16 16  4  1  2  1  1  .432

Remarkable year for this freshman and her numbers got better as the season progressed even when facing better pitching in district.

Dubois started hitting with power and reduced those strikeouts during her district season, letting you know that she is an excellent contact hitter.

RBI went down, but her position in the lineup also was changed when Coach Gallagher moved her to lead off hitter for most of the district season.

Yes, it was a disappointing season for Canyon Lake, but when you take a dose of reality pills, then you can see that it will be a lot more pain for CL opponents in the near future.

Growing pains are a pain, but growth spurts will certainly come to the rescue this time next year.

Go Hawks!!