Baseball, Game Article | April 4, 2014

Hawks Clobber Bandera, 16-3

The date was April 23, 2010 when Canyon Lake last had a game stopped in district play based

Corey Shedrock smiling after going 3 for 3 from the plate

Corey Shedrock smiling after going 3 for 3 from the plate

on the mercy rule which goes into effect if a team has a 10 run lead or more by the 5th inning.

Ingram Moore was in town and left early after CL finished the game, 12-2 behind the pitching of Cody Breest after an 11 strikeout evening.

This year’s edition had mercy on the Bulldogs after the 5th inning and a 16-3 win.

Daulton Winters (from 2010 game) had two runs on one hit and a walk….wait….wait…cousin, Garrett Winters was back at the lead off position in the line-up and had two hits and three runs.

Almost four years later, as CL would also unleash one of their top offensive games in their history to boot.

A five run and eight run first two innings was all it took when Nick Cahill swatted a ball over the left field fence for a grand slam in that first inning spelling doom or what would soon become a mercy game.

“I thought I had hit it too low and I was thinking base hit and I had to do something when I came to bat,” ‘Babe’ Cahill pointed. “That was my first grand slam ever and also the first time I had homered in the first inning….There is nothing like coming down to home stretch and having your teammates waiting for you…that is just a good feeling.”

“Every win is a big win,” Head Coach Trent Dunavant said. “We have guys wanting to get better and they want to do something special this year.”

Canyon Lake had been in a two game daze after losses to Fredericksburg and Marble Falls last week-end and this game hopefully will put this Hawk team back on track for a finish that could have the same result for that team in 2010, which also happened to be the last and only time CL introduced themselves to the playoffs.

Nick Kissell was the winning pitcher which was his fourth win for this year.

Every Hawk in the lineup made it to first base in this game and all but one of those players

Bradford Door Works supports Canyon Lake Sports

Bradford Door Works supports Canyon Lake Sports

was awarded first base after a hit.

Also, every Hawk scored but Kyle Krohn, but Krohn had a courtesy runner after reaching base and as it was for this night, Cody Powell had the opportunity to score for Krohn’s hit.

Colton Avey, who only had one at bat, was walked on five pitches as a pinch hitter.

Corey Shedrock was perfect on this night reaching base all four times he went to the batting rack.

“I was just focusing on hitting the ball and doing whatever the coach wanted me to do,” Shedrock stated. “I was wanting to put players in scoring position and now this puts another win on our shoulder and now we want a sweep of Bandera.”

Not many times in the past few years, could it be said that Canyon Lake won a battle based on a bat.

The Hawks also ended the game with six stolen bases as CL applied pressure any way they could.

“Coach has wanted us to be more aggressive on the base paths,” Cahill said leading off first. “Just paying attention to the pitcher’s count and trying to take advantage of whatever we see happening has helped us.”

It was the second victory of this three game set and CL will go for the sweep tonight in Bandera for the 7pm first pitch.

Canyon Lake is now 5-3 in district play as they battle it out with Wimberley for second place in District 27-3A.

              1  2  3  4  5   R  H  E
 Bandera      0  0  1  2  0   3  5  4
 CL Hawks     5  8  1  2  x  16 13  2

 name              ab  r  h  bi hr bb so  misc
 Garrett Winters    4  3  2  0  0  0  0   sb, roe
 Peyton Sipila      2  1  1  1  0  0  0   hbp, sac
 Corey Shedrock     3  3  3  0  0  1  0   sb 2
 Nick Cahill        3  1  1  5  1  0  1   sf
 Cody Powell        3  2  1  0  0  0  0   roe
 ph Colton Avey     0  1  0  0  0  1  0
 JJ Nance           3  2  1  1  0  1  1   sb 2, roe
 Kyle Krohn         2  0  1  1  0  1  0   hbp
 cr Bryce Dehlin    0  1  0  0  0  0  0   sb
 TJ Jones           2  1  1  1  0  2  0
 Nick Kissell       3  1  2  2  0  0  0
 total             25 16 13 11  1  6  2

 pitching          ip  h  r  er bb so hb np  W  L
 Nick Kissell       4  4  3  1  4  2  1  87  4  1
 Tanner McGill      1  1  0  0  0  1  1   8  0  0
 total              5  5  3  1  4  3  2  95