Game Article, Track & Field | April 12, 2014

Hawks Sending 15 Athletes to Area Meet Next Week in Track & Field

Christian Dittman will be attempting a chance for Region Meet in the Pole Vault

Christian Dittman will be attempting a chance for Region Meet in the Pole Vault

The CL Hawk Track and Field Teams finished their District Meet bunched in the middle as they hope to break from the pack with several younger athletes that showed off their skills against older students.

Bradford Door Works can fix your Door faster than Brandon Courtney can jump a hurdle

Bradford Door Works can fix your Door faster than Brandon Courtney can jump a hurdle

In other words, don’t get caught up in this year’s point totals because the future is where this finish line will be.

Several Hawks had breakout seasons and next year will hopefully be able to fly to their finish line.

Case and point, a Freshman Hurdler that took this year by storm, by the name of Brandon Courtney who broke all of the Hawk records in the 110 and 300 meter hurdles.

 Old Timer Hurdle Records              Newbies Coming up
                            300 Meter Hurdle
 Karl Tucker       42.23   2010        Brandon Courtney    40.51    Freshman
 Repa Dakota       42.32   2011        Joe Marple          44.39    Freshman
 Luke Steward      42.44   2011        Devin Coco          45.38    Junior
 Chandler Faulkner 43.81   2011        Heath McDonough     46.48    Freshman
                                       Micah St. John      47.26    MV 8th Grade
                                       Ben Fulton          48.12    MV 8th Grade

Makes you wonder what might be in store…of the Hawk Boys and Girls Track Team, there were only 4 Seniors on each team.

 Christian Dittman              Savannah Cooper
 Isaac Mendez                   Rebekah Flint
 Javier Mendez                  Hannah Graves Finished year injured
 Conner Ricker                  Trena Lorett Injured for the season

It does not take long to call roll when class starts.

In those hurdle marks above you can see how close the younger athletes are to what used to be a good time of 42 seconds, and in the case of Courtney, he just blew those old records out of the water.

Now, you have to be 1.5 seconds faster to challenge for the best Hawk mark.

That is almost true for all the events and with a strong 8th grade coming up, then this Track and Field future looks promising.

Canyon Lake’s following Hawk players will be participating in the Area Meet next Wednesday and Thursday.

Girls          Event      Place  Result   Boys             Event       Place Result
Mariah Ellis   800 MRun   2nd 2:27.91     David Pfaff      800MRun     4th   2:09.55
Courtney Clay  4x200Relay 3rd 1:53.18     Brandon Courtney 100MHurdles 3rd   15.66
Grace Allen    4x200                      Isaac Mendez     400 M Dash  3rd   53.34
Mariah Ellis   4x200                      Brandon Courtney 300MHurdles 2nd   40.51
Sophia Thorpe  4x200                      Brandon Courtney 4x400 Relay 3rd   3:30.14
Mariah Ellis   4x400Relay 4th  4:13.63    Isaac Mendez     4x400
Bailey Drum    4x400                      Javier Mendez    4x400
Molli McIntire 4x400                      Shane Relkin     4x400
Grace Allen    4x400                      Austin Kahil     Discus      3rd   129-01
Mariah Ellis   High Jump  4th  4-10.00    Heath McDonough  High Jump   2nd   5-10.00
Bailey Drum    TripleJump 3rd  34-07.50   Shane Relkin     Long Jump   1st   19-05.75
                                          Chris Dittman    Pole Vault  1st   13-09.00

These Athletes will be busy this next week as the Field Events will be at La Vernia HIgh School on Monday, April 14th.

Canyon Lake will be hosting the Running Events, Wednesday, April 16th.

A 1st or 2nd Place will need to be acquired in order to make Regional Track Meet on April 25-26 at Kingsville Texas A&I.

Other Athletes that scored for The Varsity Hawk Track Teams last Week.
Girls Varsity  Event        Place Result   Boys Varsity    Event       Place Result
               4x100 Relay  5th   54.54                    4x100 Relay 5th   45.14
Courtney Clay  Sydney Reibschlager         Matthew Adams     Christian Dittman
Molli McIntire Sophia Thorpe               Garhett Grundei   Shane Relkin
Christi Fowler 800 M Run   5th 2:34.28                     4x200 Relay 6th   1:36.54
Bailey Drum    100 Hurdles 6th 17.00       Matthew Adams     Robert Woods
Grace Allen    200 M Dash  6th 28.16       Garhett Grundei   Blake Walker
Hayley Melone  High Jump   6th 4-08.00     Javier Mendez   400 Dash   5th    53.82
Mariah Ellis   Triple Jump 5th 33-02.00    Blake Walker    200 M Dash 6th    24.45
                                           Gordon McCleary Discus     5th    125-11


Junior Varsity Tracksters also did well last week with a 4th Place finish for the Girls scoring 69 points and a 4th Place finish for the Boys with 88 points scored.

Both of these teams would of scored many more points but many of the Freshman and Sophomores were moved up to Varsity because of injuries and lack of depth.

So these points would of put both teams near the top after looking at those results for Varsity.

Girls JV         Event      Place Result    Boys JV         Event      Place Result
                 4x100Relay 3rd   55.28                     4x100Relay 4th   47.28
Gabby Sanchez    Erika Rincon               Nic Adams       Josh DeVries
Sharon Alexander Kelby Gonzales             Hunter Lehman   Justus Montgomery
Abby Freund      100Hurdles 4th   18.28     Gerritt Wilkins 110Hurdles 1st   17.16
Sharon Alexander 100 M Dash 6th   13.79     Joe Marple      110Hurdles 3rd   18.01
                 4x200Relay 2nd   1:55.99                   4x200Relay 5th   1:40.71
Kelby Gonzales   Gabby Sanchez              Josh DeVries    Hayden Reed
Erika Rincon     Dana Buhr                  Evan Schuller   Justus Montgomery
Dana Buhr        400 M Dash 1st   56.15     Mike Thorpe     400 M Dash 3rd   56.24
Abby Freund      300Hurdles 4th   52.07     Hayden Lee      400 M Dash 4th   56.26
Kelby Gonzales   200Meter   4th   28.87     Joe Marple      300Hurdles 2nd   44.29
                 4x400Relay 3rd 4:35.51     Hunter Lehman   200 M Dash 5th   25.46
Erika Rincon     Dana Buhr                  Nash Opperman   1600 M Run 6th   5:24.08
Jenna MacConnal  Gabby Sanchez                              4x400Relay 2nd   3:44.05
Abby Freund      Long Jump  4th   14-05.00  Nic Adams       Mike Thorpe
Sharon Alexander Long Jump  5th   14-03.50  Joe Marple      Hunter Lehman
                                            Bea Aidan       High Jump  3rd   5-04.00
                                            Evan Schuller   Long Jump  3rd   17-10.00
                                            Josh DeVries    Long Jump  6th   17-02.75
                                            Cody Thompson   Shot Put   6th   35-06.00
                                            Evan Schuller   TripleJump 2nd   37-09.25
                                            Josh DeVries    TripleJump 5th   36-07.50