Hawks Softball Now and Future

Canyon Lake Softball season will be officially over after this Thursday’s game

Kelsey Ahrens will be returning for another year.

Kelsey Ahrens will be returning for another year.

with Navarro.

Since there are not any team goals to be railroaded, then The ReSporter wanted to share some marks by some players that will put them in the ‘All-Time’ ranks with other Hawk players.

For instance, Brianna Young needs four hits to tie and five to place 2nd in All-Time hits. Young is four hits shy of Missy Romero’s 90 for her career.

Young will only add to her already first place in runs batted in as she stands at 73 with two more games and an already 18 rbi lead over Romero’s 55.

Young is also in the hunt for all time walks, needing 4 more to pass, yes, you heard her name before, Romero’s 55 for her career.

If Young has decent games in her last two contests then she could also replace McKenna Beseda’s .457 batting average. Young presently stands at .461 and will need to stay hot to keep that record in place.

On a side note and also in order to be able to type some different names, Canyon Lake has three other players that are also in this hierarchy with batting averages.

 Brianna Young        .461   This Year
 McKenna Beseda       .457   Last Year
 Missy Romero         .429   2012 Season
 Alexis Robinson      .402   This Year
 Carly Dubois         .396   This Year
 Kelsey Ahrens        .384   This Year

That is a pretty impressive group of players that have already made their mark for this team.

Team Records that have replaced previous year’s teams.

 Batting Average      On Base Average     Slugging Average
 2014      .335       2014      .410      2014      .481
 2011      .283       2012      .364      2012      .379
 2013      .272       2011      .342      2013      .369
 2012      .252       2013      .331      2011      .305
 2009      .229       2009      .331      2009      .277
 2010      .229       2010      .286      2010      .276

This team certainly made a huge advance offensively this year as they, in many ways, lapped the previous Hawk teams.

An increase of .052 in a batting average is phenomenal and comparing this year’s team with those of 2009 and 2010 then it becomes astronomical.

Slugging percentage is already a whopping .102 better than last year and comparing this year’s average to that 2010 year then you have another astronomical # of .205.

Hawks making a pitch that next year's team will be prepared to make the next step

Hawks making a pitch that next year’s team will be prepared to make the next step

The only Stat The ReSporter is waiting for that might be lower is the fielding percentage, especially compared to last season’s group of girls.

Some more Season Stats this group still has a chance for will be Carly Dubois’ 36 hits for this year being within 3 hits of Kelsey’s record set last year for second place at 39.

The season rbi records are being set each time Young knocks another runner in on a hit.

The best rbi total for a season stood at 20 by Young in her previous two years. This team not only has Young leading with 31 rbi, but Ahrens and Robinson have also passed the 20 mile marker this season standing at 26 and 21 respectfully.

Alexis Robinson and Carly Dubois have both passed Beseda’s 31 runs for a season as these two girls are racing along with 36 and 33 respectfully in this department also.

You get the idea of this team’s demeanor when they get into a batter’s box as all

Y4 Custom Homes Supports Canyon Lake Softball

Y4 Custom Homes Supports Canyon Lake Softball

but two Hawks on this present team will be donning their same uniforms next year also.

The future certainly looks bright and The ReSporter can hardly wait to see next year’s edition.

Canyon Lake will honor Emma Broussard and Brianna Young this Thursday at 7pm, as these two Seniors will play their last game for the Hawks, come and show your support for these young ladies.