Game Article, Track & Field | April 10, 2014

MVMS Shows Off Speed at District Track Meet

Mountain Valley Track & Field team had a very successful season as they performed in

Parziale's Pizza says Go Mountain Valley Middle School Hawks!!

Parziale’s Pizza says Go Mountain Valley Middle School Hawks!!

Fredericksburg last week last Friday.

The future for Canyon Lake High School will have several athletes with some aspirations of grandeur. (used those Big words to motivate some class work)

MVMS 8th Grade Boys team finished in second place being edged out by Navarro, 141 to 137.

Luke Justis and Will Joyner were the two top point producers as all four teams showed some good times and distances.

Justis finished with 30 points for MVMS with a first place finish in the 200 Meter Dash and two Relays.
A 2nd place finish in the Triple Jump and 5th place finish for the long jump helped give him his score.

Joyner was close behind scoring 28 points with a first place in the 400 Meter Dash and two first place finishes in the relays. A 2nd place finish win the long jump capped off his day.

Joe Ruiz also placed in three events scoring 20 points for the Hawks and this dynamite track team.

For the 7th Grade Boys Track Team, MVMS had a top finish when Jacob Ruff scored in 4 events garnering 25 points on this day. First place finish in the Triple Jump was his highlight with points being scored with a 2nd place 4×100, 3rd place 4×400 Meter Relay, and capped off with 8 points in the Long Jump.

The MVMS 8th Grade Girls Team had a 104 point day finishing in 4th Place overall.

Their highlight was in the 4×200 Meter Relay with a 1st Place finish time of 1:55.08. The team of Alexa Ramos, Jaydian Loftis, Skylar Hurst, and Alyssa Natal were escorted to the awards podium in that event.

Another good 2nd Place finish in the 4×400 Meter Relay also was in the cards as their 4:37.94 time was good enough to score 16 points for the Hawks.

Skylar Hurst, Emily McDonald, Reagan Heun, and Alyssa Natal will only improve as they prepare for their introduction to High School competition next season.

Congrats on a spectacular season and The Hilltop ReSporter looks forward to covering these athletes in the next couple of years.

 Boys Event       Place   Result    Pts       Girls Event     Place   Result    Pts
 Pole Vault 7th                               Pole Vault 7th 
 Cooper Harris     2nd               8        Hailey Calcote    2nd    6-06.00    8
                                              Mia Cruz          3rd    6-00.00    4
 Long Jump 7th 
 Jacob Ruff        2nd    16-10.75   8        Pole Vault 8th 
                                              Jaydian Loftis    2nd    7-00.00    6
 Triple Jump 7th                              High Jump 7th
 Jacob Ruff        1st    33-07.50  10        Madison Blackburn 2nd    4-04.00    8
                                              Andrea Villarreal 4th    4-00.00    3
 Triple Jump 8th                              Triple Jump 8th 
 Luke Justis       2nd    35-01.00   8        Sofia Mings       2nd    29-10.25   8
                                              Emily McDonald    4th    28-03.25   4
                                              Jolie Timme       5th    28-01.00   2                                                                                  
 Shot Put 8th                                 Shot Put 8th
 Jacob Foster     6th  36-06.50      1        Jaycie Sedwich    6th    29-08.35   1 
 Long Jump 8th               
 Will Joyner       2nd    17-10.75   8
 Luke Justis       5th    17-08.00   2        Discus 7th 
                                              Adia Garcia       5th    60-03.50   2
 3200 Meter Run 7th 
 Matthew Tucker    2nd    12:34.65   8        Discus 8th 
 Luke Mendez       6th    12:58.81   1        Alysha Perez      5th    64-01.00   2
 4x100 Meter Relay 7th                        Long Jump 8th 
 MVMS              2nd       50.34  16        Alexa Ramos       5th    13-00.50   2
 Wyatt Meckel      Landry Moore
 Jacob Ruff        Trenton Lorett             3200 Meter Run 7th 
                                              Tatiana Schultz   6th    15:04.17   1
 4x100 Meter Relay 8th 
 MVMS              1st       46.80  20        4x100 Meter Relay 7th
 Joe Ruiz          Bradley Adamson            MVMS              5th       59.84   4
 Will Joyner       Luke Justis                Diane Alexander   Audrey Schulze
                                              Madison Blackburn Caitlin MacDonald
 110 Meter Hurdles 8th 
 Micah St. John    2nd       19.58   8        4x100 Meter Relay 8th
 Jonathon Rico     4th       19.90   6        MVMS              1st       53.71  20
                                              Alexa Ramos       Alysha Perez
 100 Meter Dash 8th                           Skylar Hurst      Alyssa Natal
 Joe Ruiz          1st       12.08  10
                                              800 Meter Run 7th 
 4x200 Meter Relay 7th                        Mariah Haight     6th      2:53.16  1
 MVMS              5th     1:52.37   4
 Chance Martelli   Jacob Thomas               800 Meter Run 8th 
 Landry Moore      Connor Rose                Emily McDonald    2nd      2:47.76  8
                                              Chandra Wise      5th      2:51.63  2
 4x200 Meter Relay 8th 
 MVMS              3rd     1:43.76  12        100 Meter Hurdles 8th 
 Chris Martin      Lester Boehm               Brooke Manahan    6th        19.92  1
 Ben Fulton        Bradley Adamson
                                              100 Meter Dash 8th 
 400 Meter Dash 7th                           Alexa Ramos       4th        14.13  4
 Trenton Lorett    3rd       62.87   6
                                              4x200 Meter Relay 7th 
 400 Meter Dash 8th                           MVMS              6th      2:09.92  2
 Will Joyner       1st       55.53  10        Diane Alexander   Kellie Kacir
 Lester Boehm      3rd       58.15   6        Madison Blackburn Caitlin MacDonald
 300 Meter Hurdles 7th                        4x200 Meter Relay 8th 
 Cooper Harris     6th       54.21   1        MVMS              1st      1:55.08 20
                                              Alexa Ramos       Jaydian Loftis
 300 Meter Hurdles 8th                        Skylar Hurst      Alyssa Natal
 Ben Fulton        3rd       48.54   6
 Micah St. John    4th       49.20   4        400 Meter Dash 8th 
 Jonathon Rico     5th       50.42   2        Emily McDonald     6th       71.61  1
 200 Meter Dash 7th                           300 Meter Hurdles 7th
 Connor Rose       5th       27.47   2        Audrey Schulze     5th       61.00  1
 200 Meter Dash 8th                           300 Meter Hurdles 8th 
 Luke Justis       1st       24.24  10        Reagan Heun        5th       58.57  2
 Bradley Adamson   3rd       26.01   6
                                              200 Meter Dash 8th 
 1600 Meter Run 7th                           Jaydian Loftis     4th       29.72  4
 Jaren Marmolejo   3rd     5:44.07   6
                                              4x400 Meter Relay 7th 
 4x400 Meter Relay 7th                        MVMS               6th     5:11.73  2
 MVMS              3rd     4:09.55  12        Madison Blackburn  Mia Cruz
 Jacob Ruff        Chance Martelli            Hailey Calcote     Audrey Schulze
 Wyatt Meckel      Trenton Lorett
                                              4x400 Meter Relay 8th 
 4x400 Meter Relay 8th                        MVMS               2nd     4:37.94 16
 MVMS              1st     3:49.22  20        Skylar Hurst       Emily McDonald
 Lester Boehm      Joe Ruiz                   Reagan Heun        Alyssa Natal
 Luke Justis       Will Joyner
 8th Grade Girls   4th Place    104 Points
 7th Grade Girls   6th Place     38 Points
 8th Grade Boys    2nd Place    137 Points
 7th Grade Boys    5th Place     82 Points