Football, Sport News | May 5, 2014

Bracken Starts Spring Football Practice

Bracken Christian started their 2014 Spring practice this past Monday after saying

Sophomore Brady Beane ready to take the Reigns

Sophomore Brady Beene ready to take the Reigns

good-bye to the last class that played in a State Championship game.

“I was really impressed with the young guys,” Coach Fields started. “I will go to bed tonight presently surprised.”

BCS will be starting their second first year quarterback this season after Sam Hilgendorf put up his cleats after last season and Eli Achilles enjoyed a 4 year reign at the position before that.

Sophomore Brady Beene will take over this year and will look to continue a Warrior given of playing in the playoffs.

“Beene throws the ball very well,” Coach Fields added.

Bracken has only missed out on the postseason their first year which also happened to be their last season with a losing record.

A tradition of winning is a common occurrence with Bracken Christian.

Senior Running Back Noah Boriack returns with some unfinished business

Senior Running Back Noah Boriack returns with some unfinished business

Try 7 straight years of 8 or more wins will tell you all you need to know of how rich a heritage of taking things seriously when the ball becomes oblong.

“I hope to get better everyday and I will come out here and work,” Quarterback Beene beamed.
“I have to come out and help my team.”

Playing as a freshman last year and carrying the clip board was Beene’s main job and now this young man will have a job of taking the snap.

“I got to take reps with the first team,” Beene said after commenting on the differences between his first and second year. “I can’t wait to strap on some pads and go hit some people.”

The playing field will be a bit smaller this season as BCS, who had been playing teams with (in some cases) twice as many players, will now have a district with teams with a better match in numbers of players.

Bracken will welcome back Noah Boriack from last season which should help in easing some of the pressure that a sophomore quarterback might experience.

Boriack finished last year with 1690 yards rushing while also passing for 437 yards for the Warriors.

Boriack was also a first year player last season as a Junior transfer and will now go into his Senior season with a lot of goals.

“I want to win State,” Boriack said unabashed. “It is also nice to start this season knowing this group of players already have a bond after day one.”

Castle Hills and Kerrville OLH should be two teams to have circled on the calendar as The Hills won State last year and OLH will be transitioning down like Bracken.

Boriack will now put on a different hat as he will be looked upon for leadership, “I

Warriors working on drills as next season is only 3 months away

Warriors working on drills as next season is only 3 months away

will encourage them (younger players) and be like a dad and have to know when to say the right things…many of them haven’t played on a stage like this before.”

Bracken’s last game had a disappointing result as the Warriors could of gone to their half-time locker room with a 21-8 advantage only to see a kick-off return with 8 seconds left before the buzzer break that momentum and a much closer 21-14 lead.

BCS would never regain any push in that game as Sugar Land Logos scored 22 unanswered points in the 30-21 loss for Bracken.

“We have a good motivation builder,” Boriack said absolutely. “Our goal is to win State and that loss will fuel the Seniors to win.”

How can that same fuel be fed to the players that were not part of that game?…”They all know what happened and know the expectations we will have to live up too those same expectations… they have it inside and we have to pull that out of them (younger players). You can always give more than what you will think you have.”

Bracken’s first day of practice is now in the books and after a week of spring ball, Coach Fields will know what will need to be done to play in that last game of the season.

The Hilltop ReSporter will have two articles this week as we will check with Head Coach Lloyd Fields at the end of this week’s practices.

Go Warriors!!