Kaelin Simmons Continues to Excel in Sports

The ReSporter has a hard time catching up with previous Hawk students that had played a sport for Canyon Lake.

Islander Freshman Kaelin Simmons throwing the discus

Islander Freshman Kaelin Simmons throwing the discus

Each year there is 2-4 students that have decided to take there trade to College and continue their passion of sports.

Last season CL had a student that did not get offers for continuing her college days in competition for sports but as it turned out has found herself throwing a lot of baggage in the form of a Discus and Shot Put.

This past Track and Field season Kaelin Simmons had a Shot Put heave for 42′ 0.75″ and Discus throw that traveled 129′ 10″.

“I made my mind up the first week of summer,” Simmons said in response of when she had decided to go for trying out for track with Corpus Christi A&M. “I had to wait three months to hear if they (Corpus Christi) would have enough spots and if they might cut some girls.”

Simmons was one of several girls working on making the team as a walk-on and you can imagine how tough it would be to make a team starting from scratch.

Simmons setting new Personal bests with Discus

Simmons setting new Personal bests with Discus

“I spend one and a half hours in the morning working out and two and a half hours in the afternoon,” Simmons said in how she prepares each day. “They are talking to me now.”

Simmons will continue to work and see if she might be able to climb another mountain and get enough interest for a scholarship.

“Going in I knew that I would improve, but not this quickly,” Simmons commented on how she had improved on her Senior year at Canyon Lake.

Simmons continued, “It is a little intimidating but working on my technique and dedication is something that I knew that I could accomplish.

Simmons did improve her distances from her Senior campaign when she reached Regionals in the Discus.

 Simmons Years and Distances:
                            Shot Put          Discus
 2011 Hawks Sophomore       29'00"             74'02"
 2012 Hawks Junior          33'10"             89'09"
 2013 Hawks Senior          34'00"            111'00"
 2014 Freshman Islanders    42'0.75"          129'10"

Kaelin has some advice for Hawk athletes, “Look at videos to watch technique and working on weights is a big part of it.”

Simmons has a way of making the best of her situations and certainly has come a long way in her sojourn of being and achieving all that she can.

“I get to compete across the nation,” Simmons closed when comparing where she was one year ago.

Simmons came out of nowhere her senior year when she uncorked a discus throw that far exceeded her best of that year and qualifying her for a berth in the Region Track Tournament.

Now, she has finished her first year of college and keeps upping her distances in her events and in life.

“I’m going to start practicing the Javelin,” Simmons said while throwing up another challenge. “I’ve been asking to throw and since I am already a thrower it should come natural.”

The ReSporter thinks that this young lady will be able to achieve whatever she sets her mind on and can hardly wait to see how well she is performing next season.

Good Luck!!