Football, Sport News | May 10, 2014

Playback for 2013-14: CL 37 Boerne 28

The ReSporter will continue a series on most exciting games this past sports year for Canyon Lake students.

Hawks Scoring on Boerne with largest comeback in Canyon Lake history

Hawks Scoring on Boerne with largest comeback in Canyon Lake history

Last week, The ReSporter, went back through the football win over Wimberley and how that was as much a mental hill than anything else for this Hawk squad.

This week we will rehash the Hawk’s game with Boerne.

The Greyhounds had been a team that had knocked CL out of a chance for a playoff spot for two years in a row. Those losses, especially two years ago was when the Hawks had just had their loss to Wimberley after starting the year 6-0. Then a tough loss to Boerne for their second loss with both setbacks coming in district play, was enough to leave the Hawks on the outside looking in.

During the 2012 season, Canyon Lake started the game with a 9-0 lead and Eduardo Covarrubias had 100 yards rushing in the first quarter.

The Dan Krueger for Precinct 4 Commissioner is Sponsoring CL Sports

The Dan Krueger for Precinct 4 Commissioner is Sponsoring CL Sports

Enter the injury bug and Covarrubias would not carry the ball again for the season and he went down in the second quarter. Hayden Dubois did finish with 117 yards on the ground but too many dumb penalties kept Canyon Lake in check as Boerne controlled the game by passing the ball and eventual win.

This past year, Boerne had suffered an injury to their all everything quarterback for the year and were trying to get some type of traction for the year.

Well, that traction, started in the last half of their previous game which carried over to the first half of this game against Canyon Lake.

In fact, the halftime stats were not that dominating in favor for the Greyhounds, but some special team snafus and two turnovers in the red zone after long drives certainly was leaving a high mountain to climb for Canyon Lake to realize a win.

 First Half Stats:
                      Boerne       Hawks
 Total Yards          207          162
 First Downs          11           11 
 Rush/Yards           12/100       31/145
 Comp/Att/Int         7/13/2       1/4/2
 Passing Yards        107          17
 Punts/Ave            0/0          1/18.0
 Fumbles/Lost         0/0          0/0
 Penalties-Yards      5-25         6-49
 TOP                  6:41         17:19

With 4.7 yards per carry showing,  you would think that CL had a decent chance for a comeback.

That, however, would not translate for an offense that is geared to chew up minutes for scores and having a defense that had not forced a punt in that first half.

Add giving up a 60 yard kick-off return to start this game to those fast Greyhounds had everything looking grim for these Hawks.

Boerne came into this game with a 0-3 district record and you knew they would have some extra get-up-and-go coming out of their halftime talk.

All those plays that were bad in that first half actually started to turn in favor of the Hawks when Josh DeVries ran an 80 kick-off back for a touchdown with only 11 seconds taken off the clock.

Give a √ for the Special Teams.

Defense was next up for a chance to show some type of life and improvement. Another √ for this unit with a 3 play and punt series, as Robert Woods would sack their quarterback giving the ball over for the offense.

Canyon Lake would not respond on their first try as they would only muster 6 yards after three plays and a 32 yard punt.

Mike Thorpe leading Hawk team on the field. Thorpe was a pleasant surprise kicking for Canyon Lake.

Mike Thorpe leading Hawk team on the field.
Thorpe was a pleasant surprise kicking for Canyon Lake.

The score was 21-6 and a precious 7:13 left on a 3 quarter clock.

Boerne would then storm out with a 7 play 71 yard drive with the only good news being how fast these Greyhounds scored and still leaving 6 minutes for a chance for a Hawk response.

That score did nullify the kick return earlier and by making their extra point, Boerne, had increased their lead to 28-6 and half a quarter being history.

That is when things would get interesting for Hawk fans, as this comeback would be a thing of beauty.

An 8 play drive from 59 yards out would take 3:40 off the clock and after a Skyler Tschoepe two point run, CL was now back in business but still down, 28-14 with just 2:00 left on in the third quarter.

Also, Quarterback Tschoepe would be injured on that two point try and he would not return in this game.

Shane Relkin would recover a perfect onside kick from Mike Thorpe and before you knew it, CL needed only 44 more yards to paydirt and that choking sound would be coming from the visitors sideline.

It took 9 plays, 2 offside penalties (by Boerne), and every back having yardage from a new QB taking snaps in Sophomore Haden Lee.

Oh yeah, The ReSporter also forgot to mention, that another injury in this game to defensive back Tommy Clark would also alter how the Hawks would try to convert their extra points since Clark was also the holder for Thorpe’s extra point kicks.

That just added even more drama to this game as this drive ended in the fourth quarter with right under 10 minutes left in the game and CL down 28-21.

This time the defense forced a fumble when Austin Acosta recovered the ball and this Boerne miscue kept CL in this game with a healthy dose of 8:52 left to pull out what would be the largest comeback in school history (22 points).

Canyon Lake would take 4 minutes off after another impressive drive of 53 yards on 8 plays. This drive was composed of all runs as CL converted 2 third down plays which was highlighted by a 27 yard DeVries run leaving the Hawks needing only 19 yards to get a go ahead score.

Since the Hawks were now relegated with two point conversions based on that injury to Clark, Canyon Lake would take their first lead of the game.

Hawks led 29-28 with a ton of momentum but still not out of the woods just yet, as Boerne would not go away without a fight.

The Greyhounds drove to the Hawks 22 yard line where they faced a 4th and 9 yards for another first down. Boerne would attempt what would be a 39 yard field goal that just missed.

That drive took 1:37 off the clock with enough time to still have a chance to regain the lead for the Visitors if Canyon Lake could not sustain a drive or commit a turnover.

The Hawks would respond with a 78 yard drive with 34 yards from McGuire Johnson and 44 yards from Dubois.

That last run for Dubois would give him his first 100 yard game for this season (a long time in coming) and now a 9 point lead after a DeVries run for the Hawk extra points.

Hawks 37-28 with just 1:11 left on the clock and what would be a sweet tasting win after two years of having a bad taste in your mouth losses to this Greyhound squad.

The Hawk defense would hold a Greyhound with -4 yards rushing in that second half on 9 carries.

This game was one of the most exciting games to be played at Hawkville as this squad had a 37-7 second half victory with all three parts of their game clicking. (offense/defense/special teams)

It would be Canyon Lake’s third win in a row and with how this game transpired it turned out to be all the Hawks would need to reclaim a spot in the post season.

                1  2  3  4   Final
 Boerne         7 14  7  0   28
 Canyon Lake    0  0 14 23   37

 Scoring Summary:
 BHS-Bobby Johnson 3 yard run (Greg Dennard kick), 11:13, 1st
 BHS-Carson Embry 11 yard pass from Luke Baird (Dennard kick), 11:16, 2nd
 BHS-Bobby Johnson 10 yard run (Dennard kick), 6:35, 2nd
 CLH-Josh DeVries 80 yard kick-off return (pat blocked), 11:46, 3rd
 BHS-Eli Davis 21 yard pass from Baird (Dennard kick), 5:40, 3rd
 CLH-Hayden DuBois 1 yard run (Skyler Tschoepe run), 2:00 3rd
 CLH-Josh DeVries 7 yard run (Mike Thorpe kick), 9:37, 4th
 CLH-Hayden DuBois 2 yard run (DeVries run), 4:40, 4th
 CLH-Hayden DuBois 38 yard run (DeVries run), 1:11, 4th

 Game Stats:            Greyhounds      Hawks
 Total Yardage          323             371
 First Downs            19              20
 Rushing/Yards          19/96           63/349
 Comp/Att/Int           17/29/2         2/6/2
 Passing Yards          227             22
 Punts/Average          1/27.0          2/25.0
 Fumbles/Lost           1/1             0/0
 Penalties-Yards        9-50            8-59
 TOP                    16:20           31:40

 Passing                Comp   Att   Pct   Yards  TD  Int
 Skyler Tschoepe        2      6    .333   22     0   2

 Rushing                Att   Yards  Ave  Lg  TD
 McGuire Johnson        26    162    6.2  31  0
 Hayden DuBois          21    114    5.4  38  3
 Josh DeVries           10     81    8.1  27  1
 Shane Relkin            1      7    7.0   7  0
 Skyler Tschoepe         5      7    1.4   4  0

 Receiving               No   Yards  Ave  Lg  TD
 Josh DeVries            1    17    17.0  17  0
 Shane Relkin            1     5     5.0   5  0