Football, Game Article | May 6, 2014

Playback for this past CL Sport’s Year: CL 28-Texans 13

Canyon Lake has Scoreboard on Wimberley

Canyon Lake has Scoreboard on Wimberley

The ReSporter would like to go back through this past school year and share some sport events that were off the charts exciting or had significance for that team.

To start this series off, The ReSporter will go to last Fall during their Football campaign.

The season started with a lot of trepidation as wins would be hard to come by and when district started with another loss to Fredericksburg, it did not instill much confidence for a team looking for something to hang their hat on.

In fact, CL was on a 9 game losing streak after that loss to the Billies and a win over Bandera was nice but that elephant in the room with a Texan name tag was looming.

History for this series was all on the side of Wimberley with wins out the wazoo, where you knew that something was going to happen that would sabotage a chance for a win.

 Look at the Games for this series:
 Year        Hawks      Texans        Hawk Record entering game
 2008         07         41                   1-4
 2009         15         38                   3-2
 2010         18         38                   2-4
 2011         14         50                   6-0
 2012         03         40                   3-4
 2013         28         13                   1-6
Game Stats for Wimberley Series (No Stats for 2008 game)
                    Texans      Hawks
 Total Yards        1529        1485
 First Downs        61          75
 Rushes/Yards       146/773     201/696
 Comps/Att/Int      51/89/6     55/113/14
 Passing Yards      590         517
 Fumbles/Lost       4/2         7/3
 Penalties-Yds      30-287      21-182
 Points Scored      220         85

This game for Canyon Lake has for the most part been a game of mistakes as the Hawks have 17

Celebrating another Touchdown as Skyler Tschoepe and Hayden DuBois greet McGuire Johnson

Celebrating another Touchdown as Skyler Tschoepe and Hayden DuBois greet McGuire Johnson

turnovers vs. a paltry 8 miscues for those Texans.

It was not just the turnover but when that mistake happened that would haunt Canyon Lake each year.

The ReSporter is not saying CL would of won any of those previous games, just that this game seemed always closer than the score.

A 1-5 record and 44 yards of total offense more for Wimberley does say something about that frustration for your Hawks going through the years.

With only one win going into this game and the when will that turnover-enter this game sentiment among many (including The ReSporter). Canyon Lake needed a win to solidify a playoff spot and with a record of 1-1 and having Navarro/Boerne games looming another repeat from the previous year could of easily been the script for this season.

When CL finished watching playoff games at home for the second year in a row.

Canyon Lake played this game on both sides of the ball as their defense did not allow Wimberley to cross the midfield stripe in that first half and giving up just 2 first downs to boot.

Meanwhile the eat ’em up clock offense responded with two drives for a 14-0 lead going into halftime.

Jen Crownover lives here and supports Canyon Lake

Jen Crownover lives here and supports Canyon Lake

After both teams were held scoreless in the third quarter, Canyon Lake then responded with another touchdown early in that final stanza for what many thought would be an insurmountable 21-0 score.

Wimberley being Wimberley would not go away however as they still had one weapon yet that resided inside the helmets of the Hawks where that, ‘what will happen next’, might still manifest itself for another Texan victory.

Two scores with only 2 minutes coming off the 4th quarter clock left a lot of jittery fans in the stands as Wimberley was now poised to unleash their psychological ploy (whatever that means) upon the Hawks to pull out a win.

Would it be turnovers? Again?

Well the offense responded after Wimberley’s final score with a drive of 6 minutes, taking all the momentum and wind out of the Texan’s sails.

Canyon Lake would now have a win over a team that had hounded them from their beginning.

A dominating win on both sides of the ball which was a rarity up that point of the season over a team that had voodoo needles stuck that had accumulated all over these Hawks through these past 6 years.

The ReSporter thinks this might have been the best win for this season and maybe in their history for Canyon Lakeā€¦.we will have more playbacks to come through the month of May.

With some more games from soccer to baseball that stuck out this year.

Football season is just three months away and practice will began in earnest sooner than you think.

Go Hawks!!