Football, Game Article | September 7, 2014

BCS Passes Pop-Quiz, Beats CASA, 51-6

Class was called in for a pop quiz that would be on the docket, as BCS Warriors passed their test in their CASA, 51-6.

Sophomore Brady Beane takes control against CASA

Sophomore Brady Beane takes control against CASA

“If football was an academic course then last week we had a chapter test and this week was a ‘Pop Quiz’,” Head Professor Lloyd Fields taught. “This next week will be our most important class when we take a 6-Week Test.”

Bracken has 45ed the Rams every year in this seven year series and this would be no different after a Noah Boriack 38 yard run with 5:20 left in the third quarter closed out the game.

BCS needed this to be a ‘Mercy’ game based on being short in numbers this season and going home early was a welcome relief for a team that played over 100 plays last week in Temple.

The Rams were in positive rushing yards after their second play when they ran for six yards, in fact, CASA did not reach that long of a run until their fourth possession when that same six yard gain would be attained a second time. That would be their longest on this night.

CASA had nine of their 22 rushing plays with positive yardage while the playing of Boriack (12 tackles) and Coy Zunker (13 tackles), who both finished with double digit tackles, would be in the Rams backfield enough to know the CASA team’s players by name.

Bracken scored on all but two of their 10 possessions with a lot of that damage coming from the pass.

“We changed our offensive philosophy,” Professor Fields said. “We can not play smash mouth football anymore. We are still searching for a fullback.”

BCS had the most players catching a ball in one game with five players getting into the act.

“We can spread the ball with five guys who can catch the ball,” Coach Fields teached.

Yes, you read that right, the Warriors almost had as many passing yards than yards by rushing. Eight yards was all that separated the two. BCS ran three more passing plays and this was a script not seen in several years.

“Now teams can’t focus on our running game and will have to play the pass,” QB Beene said.

Beene was certainly in a position along with Boriack to make the Rams play a balanced attack. With 165 yards passing and 171 rushing on this day, would be confusing for CASA to know what would come next.

Offensively, futile would be a good way of describing CASA, as this Ram’s team had just one first down and their best play was a 21 yard pass play on fourth down. That play still did not result in another set of downs because Bracken had two tackles on that set of plays that backed the Rams up 11 yards.

“I was pleased with our defense,” the teacher, Fields countered.

Bracken has moved some players around and one of those moves had Coy Zunker playing x-backer. Zunker responded by leading the Warriors in tackles with 13 on Friday night.

“When I was told I would be playing x-backer, I knew I would have to get in their backfield and tackle the ball,” Zunker said quietly. “I like to play with intensity, so I needed to play this position the same way I played cornerback and I feel I can be too quick to block.”

BCS used this game to continue the standard that has been played out in previous seasons. When the Warriors held CASA in negative rushing yardage, then you knew that this team would have a chance to continue that tradition.

This was the third game in the last seven years when BCS would hold CASA to negative rushing yards.

“We are held to a high standard and the Seniors know what BCS is about,” Zunker closed with intensity. “There is no mercy and we need to continue to hit our opponent in the mouth.”

The 165 yards of passing was the fifth most yardage recorded. (The ReSporter was not around during those first two years of passing and so stats are very rare to find during that time)

 Opponent               Year      Yards    Completions     Attempts
 Tomball Rosehill       2008      189          9             14
 Austin Hill Country    2011      186         11             18
 Tomball Rosehill       2011      177          4              8
 Austin Hill Country    2011      169         10             15
 CASA                   2014      165         13             15

Those 13 completions is the most for any recorded Bracken game and Jeff Camp was in on eight of those receptions that ranks him second, only trailing Grant Granato, who had a nine reception game during the 2010 season.

Jeff Camp had 98 yards and with his six receptions, Camp would be the all time reception leader at this pace, if he keeps this average going. Grant Granato also leads this category with 47 receptions during that same 2010 year.

Bracken used just two plays for their first score when Camp (20 yard reception) and Boriack (12 yard run) would give the Warriors a lead that would never be threatened.

The Warriors would score again on two plays with another run by Boriack for 5 yards and a Camp 33 yard pass from QB Brady Beene and the rout was on.

Bracken would suffer their first turnover of the year on their next possession after losing a fumble.  CASA could not capitalize and turned the ball over on downs when Boriack would score on a 30 yard run on the first snap.

Beene would even up the turnover game when he intercepted a pass and helping set up another score when Boriack ran the ball in from 25 yards and a resounding, 26-0 lead.

“The QB dropped back and I knew it would be a pass,” CB Beene would surmise. “When he went down to his hip with the ball, I knew this would not be a short pass. That is when I focused on the receiver and when the ball went over the receiver’s head I just got it.”

CASA would strike back with a kick-off return for 50 yards to give the Rams their first and only score of the night. Based on CASA’s offense, their special teams would have to respond and that was a way for Professor Fields to have some teaching moments in next week’s practices.

CASA did not have an opportunity to enjoy that score as the next Bracken drive was a first with a three plays all pass drive, that ended when Coy Zunker was found in the end zone by Boriack for a 20 yard pass play.

Zunker has three catches in his career and all three passes have been TD receptions.

“I’m surprised,” Zunker said. “I did not know that….that is an awesome stat to have.”

Quarterback Beene has served notice that he is adjusting to this game very well with his first game of passing for more than 100 yards and with Boriack passing from his running back position, then this will help in getting Boriack some rest while opening up the game for Bracken.

One pass in particular stood our for Beene when he found Freshman Christian DeLeon on a fade route in the end zone. The pass was perfect and the catch was a play of beauty.

A Sophomore passing to a Freshman, you can deduce that this might be a pretty good tandem for a while at Bracken Christian.

“Everyday in practice we go over that play and I have a lot of confidence in Christian (DeLeon) and know if I can put it where he can make the catch, then he is one of those guys that will go and get it,” Beene said without reservation.

Beene finished the tri-fect when he also became a receiver.

The pass by Boriack was for one yard, but Beene certainly paid for that one yard catch as he was flattened by the defender as soon as the ball reached his hands.

“He (Boriack) did apologize for it (passing the ball),” Beene bagged. “I was concentrating on catching the ball so I did not see the guy that came up to tackle me.”

Bracken had a ‘passing grade’ on this night and will now start their preparation for a 6-Week Exam next week when the Warriors travel to Austin Hill Country for another road game.

Study hard make your Professor proud!

                      1   2   3   4   Final
 Bracken Warriors    20  18  13   x   51
 CASA Rams            0   6   0   x    6
 Scoring Summary:
 BCS-Noah Boriack 12 yard run (pat failed), 6:24, 1st
 BCS-Jeff Camp 33 yard pass from Brady Beene (Boriack run), 3:18, 1st
 BCS-Noah Boriack 30 yard run (Christian DeLeon pass Beene), 0:57, 1st
 BCS-Noah Boriack 25 yard run (pass failed), 6:24, 2nd
 CAR-Martinez 50 yard kick-off return (pat failed), 6:11, 2nd
 BCS-Coy Zunker 20 yard pass from Boriack (pat failed), 5:29, 2nd
 BCS-Noah Boriack 5 yard run (pass failed), 2:47, 2nd
 BCS-Jeff Camp 2 yard run (DeLeon pass Beene), 7:41, 3rd
 BCS-Noah Boriack 38 yard run (Game Over), 5:20, 3rd

 Game Stats            Rams      Warriors
 Total Yards           18        338
 First Downs           1         11
 Rushes/Yards          22/-15    12/173
 Comp/Att/Int          2/6/1     13/15/0
 Passing Yards         33        165
 Punts/Average         1/32.0    0/0
 Fumbles/Lost          1/0       1/1
 Penalties-Yards       1-5       2-20

 Passing               Comp  Att  Int   Pct.  Yds   TD
 Brady Beene           6     7    0    .857   101   1
 Noah Boriack          7     8    0    .875    64   0

 Rushing               Att   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Noah Boriack          11    171  15.5   38   5
 Jeff Camp              1      2   2.0    2   1

 Receiving             No    Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Jeff Camp             8     98   12.3   33   1
 Christian DeLeon      2     30   15.0   22   0
 Coy Zunker            1     20   20.0   20   1
 Thomas Johnson        1     16   16.0   16   0
 Brady Beene           1      1    1.0    1   0