Sport News, Volleyball | September 10, 2014

CL Hawks Volleyball Stats for Mid-Season

Hawks putting themselves in a good position to start district next week.

Hawks putting themselves in a good position to start district next week.


The ReSporter has mid season numbers for the Volleyball team and this is also a good time to go over what might transpire this year in District 26-4A.

Looking at the standings you will find five teams with a legitimate chance of snagging one of the four playoff spots.

Givens? Gonzales will not win a game this year in district action and La Vernia has a chance to surprise simply because they have proven themselves in past years.

Yes, they lost several players from last year’s team and the question would be can they compete with all five teams.

There have already been two games played and Cuero had the best non-district record but being beaten by Navarro 3-0 does not give you a good idea that any of those wins were to stalwart teams.

Navarro was at home with that win but the 25-13 and 25-11 games tells you that Cuero might not be as tough a team for the upper crust for this district.

Yoakum beat La Vernia, 3-1 and that game was played in La Vernia giving you an idea that the Bears might be looking at a lot of teams on the District 26-4A standings at the end of this season.

Yoakum on the other hand lost to Cuero, 2-0 in a tournament earlier this year which might give you more information to make the following prediction.

Yoakum and Cuero will be fighting for that fourth playoff spot with Cuero having the advantage based on their win over Yoakum earlier.

Wimblerley will be Wimberley and that should be where every other team will have to prove they can beat this loaded team.

Canyon Lake and Navarro both have a chance of but for the most part they will be playing each other for second and third spot on the pecking order.

Yes, The ReSporter knows that these are only projections and injuries and teams getting hot will certainly play in on what might happen.

Take last year as the Hawks went into district looking very respectable and then the wheels fell off the cart and a finish that was not inspiring.

An earlier win over Navarro in the Tex-Fest Tournament for Canyon Lake was huge, but you know that the Panthers will have a different mind set going into their games with CL in district play.

Both teams have improved since that game was played and so there should be some good games coming up for this campaign.

All of the Hawk’s home games will be played on Tuesday nights and that would be a good time to see a team that has a good chance of making the playoffs after a long layoff.


 Stats for Mid-Season Volleyball
 Kills                  Assists                Digs
 Bailey Drum      324   Regan Mickey      669  Hayley Melone     346
 Addison Farley   239   Hannah Wunderlich  20  Bailey Drum       214
 Regan Mickey     100   Mariah Ellis        6  Mariah Ellis      212
 Lillie Sander     52   Ashyn Hubertus      3  Regan Mickey      158
 Mariah Ellis      36   Grace Allen         3  Addison Farley     80
 Hannah Wunderlich 34   Jessica Moore       3  Kacee Vrana        68
 Alexis Robinson   31   Alexis Robinson     3  Lillie Sander      35
 Grace Allen       23   Hayley Melone       3  Hannah Wunderlich  28
 Ashyn Hubertus    12   Addison Farley      2  Jessica Moore      25
 Destini Riccio     8   Lillie Sander       1  Ashyn Hubertus     24
 Hayley Melone      5   Bailey Drum         1  Alexis Robinson    20
 Jessica Moore      3   Destini Riccio      1  Grace Allen        10
 Kacee Vrana        2   Kacee Vrana         1  Destini Riccio      8

 Aces                   Blocking           Solo  Block Assist  Total
 Mariah Ellis      41   Lillie Sander       21       11          32
 Hannah Wunderlich 20   Alexis Robinson     15       12          27
 Hayley Melone     20   Bailey Drum          8       10          18
 Lillie Sander     19   Regan Mickey         8        4          12
 Regan Mickey      18   Destini Riccio       6        2           8
 Bailey Drum       16   Addison Farley       3        3           6
 Addison Farley     6   Grace Allen          2        0           2
 Alexis Robinson    5   Ashyn Hubertus       0        2           2
 Ashyn Hubertus     5   Hannah Wunderlich    0        1           1
 Grace Allen        1
 Jessica Moore      1