Football, Game Article | September 20, 2014

CL’s Mistakes will Lead to Learning, Texans scores, 28-27 Win

“Many times what we perceive as an error or failure is actually a gift. And eventually we find that lessons learned from that discouraging experience prove to be of great worth.”
― Richelle E. Goodrich, Smile Anyway: Quotes, Verse, & Grumblings for Every Day of the Year

If you can learn from your mistakes then Lampasas is in for a heap of trouble next week.

The Hawks had so many self inflicted wounds from this game it is a wonder they were still in the game

Senior Quarterback Skyler Tschoepe has thrown nine completions in a row.

Senior Quarterback Skyler Tschoepe has thrown nine completions in a row.

with a chance of winning.

“We made plenty of mistakes,” Head Coach Charley Drum said. “From our special teams…punts…fumbles…and we still should of won that game with all those mistakes.”

CL will have to have a quick turn around as days go fast and another game is right around the corner, “You hate losing….but we will take something from this,” Coach Drum said with resolve.

District 14-4A-I will begin in three weeks and learning from these type of outings is paramount in how this season plays out.

“Our greatest mistakes, if we look at them, and digest them, and interact with them, and learn from them….they can be the greatest moments of our lives.”
–Dan Pearce, Single Dad Laughing

There were a lot of indicators that failed as Canyon Lake’s mistakes led to a one point loss to Wimberley, 28-27 on Friday night in the Texans back yard.

The following are indicators that will usually result in a W-I-N.

1. Canyon Lake was 17-6 if they held an opponent to less than 300 yards of offense.
   Wimberley amassed 289 yards. Hawks record? 17-7

2. Canyon Lake was 26-7 holding an opponent to less than 5.5 ave rushing per play.
   Wimberley had a 4.1 average in the game. Hawks record? 26-8

3. Canyon Lake was 20-7 if they rushed for over 200 yards.
   The Hawks rumbled for 247 yards against the Texans. Hawks record? 20-8

4. Canyon Lake was 24-8 when out rushing their opponent.
   The Hawks out rushed Wimberley by 157 yards. Hawks record? 24-9

5. Canyon Lake was 12-5 for games decided by 10 points or less.
   That record now is 12-6 after Wimberley squeaked a one point victory.

6. Canyon Lake was 11-2 when they reached 20 or more first downs in a game.
   That record will now stand at 11-3.

“How could we have learned a better way of doing things, if we had never made mistakes?”
–Lailah Gifty Akita

Canyon Lake started this game with a 9 play drive that was stalled by a minor mistake, an offsides penalty on a second down and needing seven yards became a more daunting 12 yards for a first. That five yards was enough to help snuff out a chance of continuing the drive.

The next mistake was a snap over the head of Michael Thorpe (the Punter) that resulted in a loss of 22 yards and allowing Wimberley to start their first drive on CL’s 38 yard line.

Taking advantage of this opportunity was seen when the Texans ran seven plays and drawing first blood.

Those 38 yards rushing averaged out to over five yards per tote. Wimberley would average only 3.5 yards for the rest of this game.

Canyon Lake drove 50 yards on 12 plays to come within one point of Wimberley. What turned out to be one of their biggest mistakes in going for a two point conversion. That left Canyon Lake having to go for two, two more times after scores in trying to get that point back.

Y4 Custom Homes says Go Hawks

Y4 Custom Homes says Go Hawks

This mistake would eventually have the Hawks needing to block or hope the Wimberley kicker would fail on his point after touchdown attempts.

The Hawk defense held Wimberley on their next drive and Canyon Lake went to work again when they drove 65 yards and taking a halftime lead, 13-7.

Wimberley was also having a field day in returning kick-offs during this game helping their offense start with a short field.

Case and point was the Texans taking a lead back on their first drive of the second half, driving only 52 yards on nine plays that was capped off on a 27 yard pass.

Yes, the back and forth game was with Canyon Lake now and a 62 yard drive was capped off when Hayden DuBois ran 16 yards for a touchdown and a failed two point conversion having CL with a five point lead, 19-14.

DuBois would score three times and top the 100 yard plateau for the fifth time in his career.

Canyon Lake would respond again after a good defensive effort stopping WT on a fourth down try.

The Hawks would have a ‘Twilight Zone’ experience as The ReSporter feels this might be a good time to read some more learning from your mistakes quotes.

“The hardest mistakes to learn from are those that lack consequence.”
–Jasper Sole

CL would run just three plays and then a lost fumble.

Wimberley would take just three plays and on third and 10 throw a 34 yard strike for another lead, 21-19.

Another good sign was how well QB Tschoepe has been throwing since his return two weeks ago. Tschoepe was a perfect 5 for 5 in passing and after a first pass incompletion last week has thrown nine completions in a row.

“This was not only our best game but it was against the best team we have played this year,” Tschoepe said unabashedly.

Canyon Lake would go into the fourth quarter with another three play drive which turned out to be one of the most unique set of plays.

DuBois breaks into the open and after running for 10 yards fumbles the ball in the air only to have it recovered resulting in a 15 yard run. That play could have been over 25 yards or more if the handle on that ball would have been secure.

DuBois gains six yards on his next play.

Then a pass to Jake Merritt right down the middle had touchdown all over it, until a Texan knocked the ball out of Merritt’s hand from behind and the ball bounced into the end zone and recovered by Wimberley.

Merritt had been wide open on at least two other pass plays and Tschoepe responded to that pass, “We were looking to throw it to the back side and we had brought Merritt to the swingman position.”

Canyon Lake’s defense would hold WT again on four plays and take over on their 42 yard line still needing a touchdown to take the lead.

A one play center snap fumble and Wimberley found themselves with the ball on that very same 42 yard line.

A one play pass for the Texans resulted in a Garhett Grundei interception and return to the Wimberley 34 yard line helped give the Hawks life once again.

Canyon Lake would again take over eight minutes off the clock on a 16 play 66 yard drive. DuBois had the honors again darting two yards for the TD.

CL was good on the two point conversion this time when Tschoepe passed to Evan Schuller for a, 27-21 lead with only 1:20 left on the clock.

Wimberley started on their 39 yard line with enough time and needing 61 yards for what could be one more touchdown and with an extra point, a win.

The Texans converted a fourth and three with a 16 yard run and with only eight seconds left on the clock and needing 33 yards for a score. Score Wimberley did in what would give CL a great chance for learning from past mistakes.

“Good advice is not often served in our favorite flavor.”
–Tim Fargo

“We will learn from it,” Tschoepe said. “The proof will be in the pudding and that is all I am trying to do.”

Wow, a good quote to end with. Now let’s go get some pudding to see what lessons are waiting.

Canyon Lake will be in action again this coming Friday at home against Lampasas as they now try to learn and get that bad flavor out of their mouths.

The first thing you can learn? This was not a district game and now a chance to learn when it counts in three weeks.

             1   2   3   4   Final
 CL Hawks    0  13   6   8   27
 Wimberley   7   0  14   7   28
 Scoring Summary:
 WT-West Lambert 7 yard run (pat good), 4:08, 1st
 CL-Hayden DuBois 3 yard run, (pass failed), 10:43, 2nd
 CL-Josh DeVries 2 yard run, (Michael Thorpe kick), 3:11, 2nd
 WT-Alex Mireles 27 yard pass from Cerday (pat good), 8:17, 3rd
 CL-Hayden DuBois 16 yard run (pass failed), 5:05, 3rd
 WT-Alex Mireles 34 yard pass (pat good), 1:03, 3rd
 CL-Hayden DuBois 2 yard run (Evan Schuller pass from Tschoepe), 1:20, 4th
 WT-33 yard pass (pat good), 0:04, 4th

 Game Stats         Texans    Hawks
 Total Yards        289       368
 First Downs        11        21
 Rush/Yards         22/90     54/247
 Comp/Att/Int       17/27/1   5/5/0
 Passing Yards      199       121
 Punts/Average      1/46.0    0/0
 Fumbles/Lost       1/1       7/3
 Penalties-Yards    6-50      3-35
 TOP                20:34     27:26

 Passing            Comp   Att   Pct   Yds  Int  TD
 Skyler Tschoepe    5      5   1.000   121  0    0

 Rushing            Att   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Hayden DuBois      21    112   5.3   16   3
 Robert Woods       21     86   4.1   23   0
 Josh DeVries        7     17   2.4    4   1
 Skyler Tschoepe     4     15   3.8   10   0

 Receiving          No   Yds    Ave   Lg   TD
 Jake Merritt       1    64    64.0   64   0
 Josh DeVries       2    26    26.0   26   0
 Evan Schuller      1    22    22.0   22   0
 Robert Woods       1     9     9.0    9   0