Coaches Corner, Volleyball | September 25, 2014

Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

Coaches Corner with Volleyball’s Kim Paisley

The ReSporter: If you could play Kerrville Tivy again with the team you have right now, what would your result be? (Hawks were beaten by Tivy in their very first tournament in the championship game)

Coach Kim Paisley giving instructions on a serve with Mariah Ellis

Coach Kim Paisley giving instructions on a serve with Mariah Ellis

Coach Paisley: “We definitely would play better defense at the net and our offense would execute more efficiently.”

The ReSporter: What has happened this year that has allowed this team to make such a turn around from last season?

Coach Paisley: “As soon as season ended last year, this group of girls set their own personal goals, (I had no prompting in this for them), to work hard in offseason, attend amazing meaningful camps, play club ball all spring, join summer league, and attend open gym/private lessons all summer!”

The ReSporter: Could you give us your assessment on how your back and front row has performed?

Coach Paisley: “Our back row has been on fire with serve and receive and defensively we have improved from the beginning of season because the front row defensively is taking care of business blocking. Offensively, our front row has not been shut down and we execute a good percentage of the time!!!”

The ReSporter: What do you prepare for after the first round of district ends and you anticipate for that one more round?

Coach Paisley: “I don’t want to jinx it, but we will be in the playoffs and will take one match at a time…one point at a time!”

The ReSporter: Give us an idea of how your JV and Freshman teams are doing….with that what do you look for as they compete in each of their games?

Coach Pailsey: “I am very pleased with how the sub-varsities are doing. They had an outstanding show at the Hays tournament and played very challenging teams. This will definitely help them with district play.”

The ReSporter: Thanks Coach and The ReSporter hopes you don’t have to call two time-outs anymore this season.