Football, Game Article | September 12, 2014

Hawks JV are Negative about Marion, Win 47-0

Anthony Jones, Sam Spurlock, Kenneth Jowers  and Elijah Sheffield

Anthony Jones, Sam Spurlock, Kenneth Jowers and Elijah Sheffield

Canyon Lake JV has now won three more games than they accumulated last season and the good news is the ease of how they are dominating their opponents.

Marion Bulldogs was that team on the short end for this night to the tune of, 47-0.

Defense was at full throttle for this game as Kenneth Jowers planted the Bulldog’s QB in their end zone for a two point lead on the safety.

“We were getting pumped up in the bus coming over here,” Jowers said. “We were ready to play because of how we stared last week.”

So Marion started the first series with -10 yards and ended the game improving on that number gaining two yards.

Impressive is not even a phrase that could do this game (justice).

Canyon Lake also had five Freshman that were moved up to play with the JV and speaking of Luke (Justis), he touched the ball twice.

One by receiving, catching a 26 yard pass from QB Brandon Courtney. Another by the run when he took his only carry of the game to the house from 17 yards out.

Austin Brennan helped the cause with a 32 yard fumble return as Canyon Lake scored every way possible.

With 322 yards rushing, CLJV had nine players with 11 or more yards with five of those runners having more than 10 yards per carry.

Canyon Lake started the day running out of downs as Marion held the Hawks on a 4th down play at the 10 yard line.

After that set of downs the gates had been opened and their were so many animals coming through that there would not be enough room in the Ark.

Defensively, Elijah Sheffield was one of many, but one set of downs in that second half, Sheffield was responsible for every tackle.

“We went out with more intensity and just stuck with our technique,” Offensive Lineman Sheffield stated. “We just stuck with what we know and on offense, it was our effort and we just have to work to open the hole.”

There was not much difference on which running back would be called on next as each player had a chance to advance the ball.

Tim Romero broke the 100 yard rushing barrier again in this game as his one touchdown run for 40 yards had speed and power breaking open for the score.

Offensive Drives     Started  Yards   Plays  Score   Big Play
 1st                   38      52      10     0-0    Romero 11 yd run
 2nd                   15      15       3     9-0    Jowers 50 yd Kick-off return
 3rd                   49      49       5    15-0    Courtney to Justis 26 yd pass
 4th                   38      62       6    29-0    Courtney 15 yard run
 5th                   17      17       1    35-0    Justis 17 yard run
 6th                   40      60       3    41-0    Romero 40 yard run
 7th                   39      61       9    47-0    Jones 48 yards on 7 runs
 8th                   28      27       2   (Game)   47-0 Comacho 23 yard run

 Defensive Drives    Started  Yards   Plays  Score   Big Play
 1st                   10     -10       3     2-0    Jowers sack
 2nd                   26      -2       3     9-0
 3rd                   25      11       3    22-0    Brennan 32 yard fumble return
 4th                   25       4       3    22-0
 5th                    1      -1       1    29-0    Jacob Foster fumble recovery
 6th                   26       6       2    29-0    Half
 7th                   41      -5       3    35-0
 8th                   30      -6       3    41-0
 9th                   30      -2       3    47-0

The longest play for Marion was a fumble after a completed pass that went nine yards.

There were several players that played both sides of the ball and Sam Spurlock finished the game with some great defensive plays and topped that off running for 43 yards on just four carries.

“We did not know what to expect with this team (Marion),” Spurlock locked in. “We were ready and we took control early.”

On what to expect in next week’s game, “It is a home game and they will be a better team (Wimberley).”

Another back, Anthony Jones topped 52 yards and kept the chains moving on CLJV’s last drive.

“They (the lineman) are the most important players because everything starts with them and they work so hard,” Jones said smartly. “This felt great and this is just like work, if the whole team works together it makes the game go a lot better.”

Canyon Lake will now take on their nemesis from over the Devil’s Backbone this next Thursday at home and for a team that did not win a game last year, this group of players seem to be relishing a chance to continue this snowball they started down the hill.

The ReSporter heard that it would get cooler this week, so now it will become a little easier to keep that snowball from melting.

Go Hawks!!

               1  2  3  4  Final
 CL Hawks JV   9 26  6  6  47
 Marion JV     0  0  0  0  00
 Score Summary:
 CLJV-Kenneth Jowers safety over QB -10 yards, 5:30, 1st
 CLJV-Austin Brennan 8 yard run (Matthew Occonnell kick), 2:40, 1st
 CLJV-Luke Justis 26 yard pass from Brandon Courtney (pat failed), 8:13, 2nd
 CLJV-Austin Brennan 32 yard fumble return (Occonnell kick), 6:56, 2nd
 CLJV-Brandon Courtney 26 yard run (Occonnell kick), 1:30, 2nd
 CLJV-Luke Justis 17 yard run (pat failed), 1:08, 2nd
 CLJV-Tim Romero 40 yard run (pat failed), 6:16, 3rd
 CLJV-Anthony Jones 2 yard run (pat failed), 6:39, 4th

 Game Stats          Bulldogs    Hawks
 Total Yards         -8          348
 First Downs          0          16
 Rushes/Yards         23/-17     35/322
 Comp/Att/Int         2/2/0      1/2/0
 Passing Yards        9          26
 Punts/Ave            4/32.8     0/0
 Fumbles/Lost         3/4        1/0
 Penalties-Yards      4-30       3-20
 TOP                  19:17      20:43

 Passing              Comp  Att  Int  Pct.  Yds  TD
 Brandon Courtney     1     2    0   .500   26   1

 Rushing              Att   Yds   Ave   Lg   TD
 Tim Romero           10    108  10.8   40   1
 Anthony Jones         8     52   6.5   12   1
 Sam Spurlock          4     43  10.8   14   0
 Austin Camacho        2     29  14.5   23   0
 Brandon Courtney      1     26  26.0   26   0
 Austin Brennan        5     20   4.0    8   1
 Luke Justis           1     17  17.0   17   1
 Charlie McIntosh      2     16   8.0    9   0
 Hayden Lee            2     11   5.5    6   0

 Receiver             No    Yds   Ave   Lg  TD
 Luke Justis          1      26  26.0   26   1