Football, Pre/Game | September 11, 2014

Pre/Game: Bracken Warriors @ Austin Hill Country

 Pre/Game: Bracken Warriors  @  Austin Hill Country Knights   Sept. 12th  7:30pm

 History: Warriors lead series 6-3.
 2006  BCS  16   AHC  64
 2007  BCS  54   AHC  48
 2008  BCS  44   AHC  16
 2009  BCS  64   AHC  72
 2010  BCS  54   AHC  21
 2011  BCS  68   AHC  48
 2011  BCS  60   AHC  42  Playoff
 2012  BCS  56   AHC  06
 2013  BCS  38   AHC  61

 This Season Game Results:
 BCS  45 Temple Trinity    18     AHC  06  Abbot              52
 BCS  51 CASA              06     AHC  32  Fred. Heritage     30

Bracken has Austin Hill Country right where they want them….the Warriors are playing them on the road.

AHC is still looking for their first win agains BCS on their home turf.

“If they are healthy, then they will be a very good team,” Head Coach Lloyd Fields. “This will the best team we will have faced and this will be our biggest test for this year.”

The Knights have a loss, but Abbot is ranked in UIL in the Top 5 and that would certainly give them an out in playing a game against a juggernaut like that for your first game.

“We are in for a challenge this week,” Coach Fields said. “We just hope the rain holds off for our game.”

Coach Fields has been called a Professor this year and now seems to want a job as a weatherman now.

Bracken has a team that is good, but their theme this season will be in how they keep their team that is small in numbers healthy for a 10 games.

“Austin Hill Country offense is a true 6-man spread offense and they will dink and dunk you with the pass,” Coach Fields closed. “They will go deep and threaten a vertical game every once in a while.”

Bracken has established both the run and pass for their offense and that should be a surprise for the Knights in playing Bracken through the years.

BCS also has a very stout defense when they move Noah Boriack in as a linebacker. With Jeff Camp playing defensive end and Coy Zunker as X-Backer, then many teams will find it hard to move on the Warriors.

The key is how long can the Warriors play in a ‘not tired’ game….with several players going both ways then that would be the most important aspect of this game to watch.

With Sophomore Brady Beene playing quarterback as well as cornerback tells you that there is not a lot of plays that can be shared with a short bench.

Bracken is closing in on their 100th game and this year has a chance of having many firsts as this game will give a good barometer exactly where this Warrior team will play out this season.

One game at a time. Go Warriors!!