Football, Pre/Game | September 3, 2014

Pre/Game: Bracken Warriors @ CASA Rams 5:30pm

 Pre/Game: Bracken Warriors vs. CASA Rams      September 5th   5:30pm

 History: Warriors lead 6-0 in a series started in 2008.
 BCS  58   CASA  13
 BCS  64   CASA  19
 BCS  50   CASA  00
 BCS  74   CASA  06
 BCS  53   CASA  00
 BCS  67   CASA  21

 This Season's Games:
 Bracken Warriors 45 Temple Holy Trinity  18      CASA  6 Kerrville OLH  51

The Warriors did not have anyone hurt last week!!!!  Yes, unfortunately that is the biggest statistics for this season’s team with so many players from last year missing and not playing will make this year a game of numbers.

Number of players on their roster, numbers.

That was carried out last week, when Bracken  went on the road to Temple and took care of business playing a team that had enough players to field two teams.

The Temple game had 113 plays which is second on their play list, only behind the Gustine game played two years ago when the Warriors had 127 plays in that 98-56 victory.

Not much is known about CASA, except that they usually don’t field a team that will win many games, as you can note having been beaten by OLH last week, 51-6.

There has yet to be a game played by these two teams that went four quarters. The Warriors have averaged a 61-9.8 score through those years. You can even add up all the points scored by the Rams and it would still not add up to that 61 point average.

Domination has been the name of this series and with the results of last week’s game, BCS might be playing another game not going four quarters and that would be just what the doctor would order.

Once again based on having that injury word not being mentioned on this night and a scoreboard that can be turned off early and the Warriors on their way home.

Bracken will not have a home game for two more weeks, but one stat that will play in favor of this schedule comes with a 30-4 road record.

The Warriors will still need to do their business and get enough reps for many of the Freshman that are starting this year.

Also, just working the cobwebs out of their system, as this year will have more tough teams on the horizon and taking a Friday off would not be the best course of action.

Hopefully, BCS will be able to up that win total to 31 after Friday night.